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Get Ready for MTP Engage Hamburg

Hamburg Alster Pavilion
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Just 2 months until the first MTP Engage event will take place in Hamburg on April 28th! MTP Engage Hamburg will be a one-day event for 300+ product people with 4 keynotes, 12 sessions with members of the local product community, and many ways for product people to engage & learn. We aim to balance English presentations with enough occasions for the less English-savvy attendees to interact in German – in the end we are prepared for a wild mix driven by whatever brings the point across!

We are still putting final touches to the agenda and the side events, but we are excited to share some of the first details with you:

The keynotes

As our first three keynotes we are happy to announce Marco Boerries, Johanna Kollmann and Sebastian Deterding.

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Marco BörriesMarco Börries
Making Ideas Work in a Complex World

Marco is a German entrepreneur with a passion for making ideas work. His fourth startup NumberFour is one of the most curiously awaited product launches in 2017. This is not just because of its high calibre as one of Europe’s biggest Series A rounds ever and their bold ambition to help the 200 Million+ small businesses around the world run their business. What’s even more interesting from a product perspective is that Marco chose to take the seemingly opposite path of lean product Zeitgeist by building his product in stealth mode for 7 years – but at the same with clear commitment to deeply understand and re-imagine the way small businesses operate.

In his talk he will also share what it takes to approach such a complex product as a broad platform, why he made the development of dedicated tooling a priority for NumberFour and how he plans to grow adoption of NumberFour.

Johanna KollmannJohanna Kollmann
Systems Thinking for Product Managers

Johanna is an Austrian product strategist, information architect, and researcher based in London. Just like Marco, Johanna acknowledges the complexity in which we build digital products & services. In her talk she looks at products as complex systems and looks into how systems thinking relates to our practice as product managers. Johanna will introduce core systems thinking principles, discuss how data and feedback mechanisms help us understand what is going on in a system, and give examples for how systems thinking can be used to develop a team’s shared understanding of a complex product. You’ll hear about what drives system behaviour, and how theory about change in systems can be applied to iterating a product

Sebastian DeterdingSebastian Deterding
Memento product mori: Of ethics in digital product design

Sebastian is a German designer and researcher working on design for human flourishing. Currently a senior research fellow at the Digital Creativity Labs at the University of York, he has also worked on numerous products for clients like the BBC, BMW, and Deutsche Telekom. As more and more people in our industry become aware of our ethical responsibility not just to serve instrumental needs, but to further the well-being of users, Sebastian’s talk invites us as a community to reflect on the moral dimensions of our work.

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The Sessions

In addition to the keynotes there will be 3 tracks with a total of 12 sessions by members of the local Product community. These sessions were selected by a group of representatives from all ProductTanks in Germany (Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin, & Hamburg) from over 30 submissions. Details will be be disclosed shortly, but you can expect a mix of sessions around Product Discovery, Data Products, Product Leadership, Innovation Hacks, Cross-Functional Collaboration, Hardware Products, Design Systems and several other topics by product people from companies such as Freeletics, Facebook, XING, and OTTO.

The Side Events

We want to live up to the name of our event and give various opportunities for attendees to engage. To do so there will be a voluntary option for blind-date dinners with other participants the night before the event, there will be extensive breaks throughout the day and we are currently looking into locations for an after-conference party with product managers on the turntables.

The Workshops

For those of you who also want to use your time in Hamburg for training we offer a series of all-day workshops on the day before the event spanning topics such as Product Management Essentials as well as Product Discovery or Alignment with the Auftragsklärung Framework. Grab your tickets today, spaces are limited!

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