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Ear Worm: the Product Experience Podcast is here

Earlier this year,The Product Experience logo I had the chance to speak at Mind the Product/Engage in Hamburg. It was a fantastic experience, and an opportunity I didn’t want to waste. In preparation, I took the chance to give the talk a few dry-runs at ProductTanks across the UK – and I learned something that was obvious, but which I’d never really thought about: you lot are really smart. The quality and calibre of speakers taking part in our meetups is consistently good and regularly excellent. I learned something every time I shared the stage with other people from the product world.

ProductTank is now held regularly in more than 160 cities. It’s a full-fledged global movement of people collaborating on how they can make better products, and improve the way in which they build those products too. That’s something to be very proud of.

But… Only a handful of these meetups regularly record and post videos of their talks. That’s a lot of great learning that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. And that led to an idea: What if we could talk to the best presenters from ProductTanks all over the world, and share it in a podcast?

That led to Lily Smith and I creating The Product Experience with Mind the Product. We’ve spent the past few months talking to some immensely talented people, and we can’t wait to share the conversations. You’ll recognise some of the names – but some of the best chats are with people you’ve likely never heard of. These are some of my favourites – the product people who are down in the trenches with some killer insights on one or two very specific things.

Today we’re posting the trailer for the series, so look for the full episodes to follow soon!

In the true spirit of our craft, this is very much a work in progress. You’re our customer: we’d love your feedback and participation, and we promise to never give you an NPS survey.

About the hosts:

An organiser of ProductTank Bristol, Lily Smith works with growing businesses as a consultant product manager providing product leadership, process guidance, hands-on delivery and mentoring to founding teams and their product managers. She’s led teams through discovery, prototyping, testing and delivery phases for more than 13 years, primarily in the SaaS and mobile spaces.

See Randy’s bio below.

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