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Creative Leadership by John Maeda


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John Maeda at #mtpcon Singapore

Moore’s Law isn’t really a law, but semantics aside it essentially stipulates that computers have been doubling in speed roughly every two years. The compounding effect of this doubling is sometimes difficult to comprehend, but it means that today’s computers are two billion times faster than they were just a few decades ago. And if you extrapolate that compounding effect forward, the numbers get even stranger – by roughly 2040 that computer will be nine quintillion times faster. These numbers are huge – they’re abnormal – and this is disrupting business, disrupting design, and disrupting technology.

In this opening keynote from #mtpcon Singapore, John Maeda, the Head of Computational Design + Inclusion at WordPress parent company Automattic, argues that this increasing complexity and speed can only be handled by bringing balan…

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