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Building Products in AsiaPac – Colin Pal and Adrienne Tan on The Product Experience [rebroadcast]


As we’ve got an Ask Me Anything session with Colin Pal coming up soon (October 14th), we’re re-broadcasting this episode from earlier in the year so that you can get to know Colin and prep some questions for him! The AMA is for Prioritised and MTP Leader members so if you’re not a member yet, join us now.

AMA Info
Date: October 14th
Starts: 9am BST / 10am CEST / 4pm SGT / 7pm AEDT / 9pm NZDT
Duration: 1 hour
Where: Prioritised and MTP Leader members can access the AMA from their dashboards

Colin Pal and Adrienne Tan join The Product Experience podcast

When you want to learn about the state of product management across Asia, there are two people who come to mind: Adrienne Tan (CEO and co-founder of Brainmates in Sydney) and Colin Pal (product consultant and ex-Chief Product Officer, Caterspot in Kuala Lumpur). With more than 25 years of experience between them, they’ve been there since the beginning, seen the evolution of the scene, and have some amazing advice to share.

Quote of the Episode

That tiny little widget has implications for how someone might use and conceive your product. It might have implications for how that product is positioned in the market. It doesn’t exist by itself, it exists in a bigger context… [Adrienne Tan]

In this episode, sponsored by Amplitude, listen to learn about:

  • Product Management in Asia and Australia
  • Remote working
  • Finding, hiring, and retaining the right talent
  • How to make good user stories

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The Product Experience is hosted by Lily Smith and Randy Silver.

Lily enjoys working as a consultant product manager with early-stage and growing startups and as a mentor to other product managers. She’s currently Head of Innovation at Go Compare and has spent 13 years in the tech industry working with startups in the SaaS and mobile space. She’s worked on a diverse range of products – leading the product teams through discovery, prototyping, testing and delivery. Lily also founded ProductTank Bristol (which now has 800+ members!) and runs ProductCamp in Bristol and Bath.

Randy is a product consultant and coach who has been working as an interactive producer and product manager across the US and UK for nearly 20 years. A recovering music journalist and editor, he launched Amazon’s music stores in the US and UK, and has worked across sectors including museums and arts groups, online education, media and entertainment, retail and financial services. He’s held Head of Product roles at HSBC and Sainsbury’s, where he also directed their 100+-person product community. Randy’s book, What Do We Do Now? A Product Manager’s Guide to Strategy in the Time of COVID-19 is out now, with all profits going to COVID-19 relief efforts.

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