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Being Effective and Efficient in Product: Learnings from the #mtpcon Session Speakers

At #mtpcon Digital 2020, we enjoyed 18 Breakout Session talks, across three days, from some of the best product people around. We’ve now released them all and in this final selection, discover how to be more effective and efficient in your role. Check out the videos to watch sessions with Bruce McCarthy, Jonathan Hassell, Amber Kearney, and Maggie Crowley.

Below you’ll find videos for the following:

OKRs for Product Teams

Bruce McCarthy gives a high-level overview of how OKRs should be used to set realistic goals that bring alignment to your organisation. This talk includes advice on how to avoid common pitfalls, what makes a good OKR and how they differ from KPIs.

Check out more from Bruce McCarthy on Mind the Product

How to do Accessibility Without Slowing Down

In this talk, Jonathan Hassell explains why accessibility is more important than ever and how to do it right, right now.

Check out more from Jonathan Hassell

Product in Highly Regulated Industries

Amber Kearney drew on her own experience to explain how to successfully build products in regulated industries. She explored the concept of responsible innovation through a familiar design thinking and product development framework: Discover, Design, Develop/Test, and Deploy.

Check out more from Amber Kearney

Building the Right Thing and Hitting Deadlines Every Time

In this session, Maggie Crowley lays out the frameworks she uses to gain clarity on her customers, her mission, and how to build a repeatable process so you can always build things to delight your customers.

Check out more from Maggie Crowley
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We’ve now released all of our #mptcon Digital Breakout session talks. Visit the 2020 #mtpcon Digital page to see the lot!

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