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10 Product Insights You Should Have Read in 2016

Prioritised Product Management NewsletterEvery week we curate the best product content from across the web into our weekly product management newsletter Prioritised. As a great way to catch up and start 2017 full of great new insights, here are the top 10 most read pieces from the past year of newsletter curation.

8 Mistakes You’ll Make as a Product Manager

Rich Mironov highlights some mistakes most first-time product managers make – even after coursework, certificates, and online tutorials.
The trick is to only do them once…

9 Useful Apps for Product Managers

If you’re looking for applications to help make your workflow more organized and efficient, here’s a list of nine great products to try.
We all love new tools, right?

Product Requirement Documents Must Die

Product Requirement Documents are simply the worst possible way to bridge the gap between the customers’ needs and the team that are trying to build the solution.
These are not the requirements you’re looking for

The Product Strategy Elon Musk Used to Build an Empire

The temptation is to immediately aim for the level of ambition of Musk’s end goal rather than draw guidance from his process for realizing it.
Shhh. Don’t tell anyone!

The Day-To-Day Product Management Toolkit

In this talk from ProductTank Oslo, Janna Bastow focuses on practical advice: What tools should you use as a product manager, and how do you use them?
We do love us some good tools

The Six Things Every Product Team Should Do

After years of working with teams in small and big companies, David Pasztor shares his Minimum UX Checklist for product teams.
Is your team doing the minimum?

The Three Jobs of Product Management

If you are a product manager, you always have more work than you can do. The only question is which work will you spend your precious hours on?
Depends how mature your team is…

Good Product Manager/Bad Product Manager Revisited

Hemal Shah from Twitter shares his updated version of Ben Horowitz’s classic Good Product Manager/Bad Product Manager for today’s product managers.
Always be learning

The Manifesto of Ruthless Prioritization

Every company needs to be smart when setting their priorities but John Vars from TaskRabbit argues that startups need to be ruthless.
Don’t fall in love with the product, fall in love with the mission

What is Good Product Strategy?

Most companies fall into the trap of thinking about Product Strategy as a plan to build certain features and capabilities, but when we treat a product strategy like a plan, it will almost always fail.
No plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first contact

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