Writing Your Case Study

Case studies published on Mind the Product follow a particular structure which, we hope, will make it easier for you to draft them

Below you’ll find a simple outline to follow, including the subheadings and word count for each section, plus prompting questions to help you shape your copy.


Subheading: Overview (200 words)

  • Provide background information on you and your company
  • Tell us what you hoped to achieve and why did this project become a priority. What was the catalyst for pushing it forward?
  • When did it begin and how long did it take?
  • Who worked on the project and what was your role within the team?

Subheading: The Approach (500 words)

  • What was your plan?
  • How did you begin?
  • What techniques, tools and processes did you use?
  • Did everything go to plan or were there a few bumps in the road – what happened along the way?

Subheading: The Results (200 words)

  • What was the outcome? Feel free to provide stats and visuals here if you have them
  • Did you achieve what you hoped to achieve?

Subheading: The Conclusion (150 words)

What did you learn throughout the process and from your results?

Send your drafts to editor@mindtheproduct.com including Case Study Submission in the subject line.