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A guide to sharing what you know on mindtheproduct.com

We believe that product management isn’t an exact science. We all refine our own tools and methods and, to help share this broad range of practices with the community, we publish a wide range of content. If you have product insights to share (and we’re sure you do!) we’d love to hear from you.


Here, we’ll explain how to submit a draft, how to decide what to write about in the first place, and how you can also contribute your insights to content written by us.

Submitting your draft


  1. Prepare your draft on a Google or MS Word doc (do check we will be able to access the doc)
  2. Email your draft to editor@mindtheproduct.com along with your headshot and short bio (this is so we can set you up as an author on the site – you’ll get your own page and everything!)
  3. We’ll review your draft, let you know if we intend to publish it, and provide you with feedback
  4. If the article is to be published, once you’ve implemented your feedback and we’ve agreed on a final version, we’ll give you an estimated publication date
  5. Your draft will get one final review from our specialist team before it’s published

If you don’t yet have a draft but would like to discuss an idea or outline, that’s fine. Feel free to get in touch!

  • Restrictions and exclusivity keyboard_arrow_right

    It’s important to us that what we publish has a high degree of quality and integrity, so we won’t publish just any product-related content. If, after numerous iterations, we can’t agree on a final draft – it will remain a draft. You still own your copyright so you can, of course, post it wherever you wish.


    It’s hard to decline such a strong initiative from a community member, but it does need to happen from time to time. If this happens to you, please don’t lose confidence! We’re always willing to consider alternative pieces and to help hopeful authors reach the product community – if you’re willing to work with us on raising the bar, we’ll put the time in to help you refine your articles.



    We will reject articles if they have simply been written to advertise a product or service. Articles can mention products or services, however these must be passing references, and all articles must be valuable and informative in themselves (i.e. if product/service mentions are removed).



    Articles published on Mind the Product must be original work. We take a strong anti-plagiarism stance – plagiarised work will be removed from the site and we will not work with the author again in future.


    Work that is your own should also be original to Mind the Product (ie. not published elsewhere, including your own blog), and we ask that we retain that exclusivity for a minimum of 2 weeks on all articles submitted by guest authors. After the 2-week exclusivity period on Mind the Product, your content can be published elsewhere with the following reference: Originally published on www.mindtheproduct.com, [enter the publication date here]. Please note: this does not apply to commissioned articles.





  • Word count keyboard_arrow_right

    Guest-authored blogs should be between 1000-1500 words and all posts, regardless of length, will be edited to our house style (where necessary) to ensure the number of words is optimised for the format.


  • Lead times keyboard_arrow_right

    We experience a very high volume of submissions which means lead times can vary. We do our best to publish pieces as quickly as we can! The typical lead time is 2-4 weeks but can be longer during busy periods. If your piece is time-sensitive, please do let us know.

  • Style guide keyboard_arrow_right

    We know that everyone has their own individual, writing style and this we welcome! Our in-house editor will help you to knock your copy into shape but we do ask all of our guest writers to follow some basic guidelines. Check out the style guide

Unsure what to write about?

We recommend you write about topics that you, as a practising product person, find useful or interesting because they’re likely to be interesting to other product people too. However, we will prioritise topics that are relevant to people in product management roles.


We will also prioritise articles that provide actionable insight, enabling the reader to go away with clear, concrete ideas about what they can do next and how to do it. These articles focus on what the reader gains, teach or share new methods, help to refine existing methods, or broaden the reader’s mindset.


Presenting your information

We publish different types of guest-authored content on Mind the Product, all of which you are welcome to contribute. These include:


Please read our guide to these content types


You can become a contributor too!

We are always looking for awesome product people to talk to, so If you would like to be considered as an expert on a particular topic/topics and would be happy to be contacted for comment (for inclusion in our membership content), let us know! Simply complete our contributor survey and, if a relevant opportunity comes up, we’ll get in touch.

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"I was telling some friends recently that the best part of getting something published on Mind the Product is what comes before the publication: the collaboration with the editors there."
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