Writing Your Case Study

Case studies published on Mind the Product follow a particular structure which, we hope, will make it easier for you to draft them

Below you’ll find a simple outline to follow, including the subheadings and word count for each section, plus prompting questions to help you shape your copy.


Provide an Overview

Word count: 200 words

  • Provide a little background information on you and your company – help us get to know you
  • In short – what’s this case study about? Tell us what you hoped to achieve and why did this project become a priority. What was the catalyst for pushing it forward? What was the problem you were trying to solve and how did you discover it?
  • When did you begin work on this and how long did the whole project take?
  • Who worked on the project and what were your roles on the team?

Explain Your Approach

Word Count: 500-700 words

  • What was your action plan?
  • How did you kick-start the process?
  • What techniques, tools and processes did you use? What, of these, worked and what didn’t?*
  • Did everything go to plan or were there a few bumps in the road – what happened along the way?*

*When talking about your approach and methods, it’s important to keep in mind that even if something didn’t work for you, it might work well for someone else. So, if you have ideas or suggestions about the different approaches people/teams could take – even if you didn’t take those yourself, please share them in your case study.


Your Results

Word Count: 200-300 words

  • What was the outcome? If you can provide stats and/or visuals here, great!
  • Did you achieve what you hoped to achieve?

Your Conclusion

Word Count: 150-200 words

  • What did you learn throughout the process and from your results?
  • What’s your closing advice for other people/teams facing similar challenges/projects?


Of course, it’s helpful to illustrate your case study with supporting images. We can help with generic, supporting images but, if you have anything specific, please send these through with your draft.

Send your drafts to editor@mindtheproduct.com including Case Study Submission in the subject line.