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The largest Product event in Latin America: World Product Day

Federico Iglesias discusses the product community in Latam and the event that they will be hosting for World Product Day. "In a global economy, the product community has something incredible, and it is the bond that exists between members from all over the world. Be it with a scheduled meeting in Calendly, be it in the organization of a meetup or simply with an exchange of emails, we are above all, a Global community."

World Product Day 2020 - Clarin Economy (Spanish article)

“We are people who like to share our experiences , be disseminators of our best practices and of the biggest mistakes as well. We like to listen in the same way both to references from the different disciplines (be it Product, UX, Data Science, Research, Development, etc.) and to those who have something to share. Learning and camaraderie are in our DNA ”

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