World Product Day Activities

What can you do to take part in World Product Day?

Product Discussions

24 hour Wonder room

From 12am – 11:59pm (BST) on the 26th of May, our World Product Day Wonder room a unique virtual space will be open for all who want to meet with product peers from around the world. Come join us now, your product peers are waiting for you!

Social Media Discussions

Throughout the day, we will be hosting product discussions on Twitter, Linkedin, and Slack. Express your product opinions, share your top lessons learned at ProductTank, #mtpcon, or your favourite blog. Shout out about the person that got you into product and the lessons they taught you. We want to hear from you – just make sure that you use #WorldProductDay!

ProductTank events

We’re hosting ProductTank events from all over the world for World Product Day! Check out the timetable to see the complete lineup of events happening throughout the day.