What is World Product Day?

How can you get involved?

World Product Day is an annual event celebrating our craft and community. It began in 2018 on the eight-year anniversary of the first ProductTank meetup. ProductTanks in 90 cities across 43 countries, had fun highlighting the craft of product management with their communities, delivering talks that emphasised the different perspectives that different cultures bring to the craft of product management. It was a no-brainer – the anniversary became an annual event and today, World Product Day brings people together to celebrate, connect, and learn.

Since then, we have brought World Product Day to many countries around the world and have broad, engaging discussions over social media!

How to get involved

World Product Day is a free event for all product people! It’s a day all about celebrating the craft of product management and there are so many ways you can get involved!

  • Go to your local ProductTank meetup
  • Get together with your product team and partake in team activities such as:
    • Interview a customer about their experience with your product
    • Watch and discuss some of the best product talks (we’ll be sending out suggestions throughout the day)
    • Host an AMA with your team – ask about each others roles, priorities, professional ambitions, or even just what their favourite flavour of ice cream is!
    • Post a team pic online and share some of the great insights and learnings that came up during the activities using #WorldProductDay!
  • Join the engaging discussions on social media, and much more!