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4 New Ways to Level-Up Your Product Management Skills "Product people - Product managers, product designers, UX designers, UX researchers, Business analysts, developers, makers & entrepreneurs 19 March 2015 True Conversion Optimisation, Lean Agile Product Design, Product Management Basics, Product Optimisation, Product Roadmapping, Product Strategy, Workshops, Mind the Product Mind the Product Ltd 1291 Product Management 5.164
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4 New Ways to Level-Up Your Product Management Skills

Due to the high demand following our workshops at 2014 MTP.con, we are pleased to announce four new ways to develop your product management skills, each being taught by true experts in each of their specialisation areas.

These four separate all-day sessions, held on Friday March 27th, will only hold 30 attendees because we know that this will maximise your ability to engage with both your instructor as well as the other product management professionals who are equally intent on developing their skills.

Being held in a gorgeous, sunlit venue in central London (Hatton Garden) not only will your brain be fueled with new knowledge, but we will keep you well nourished throughout the day with breakfast, lunch and a never ending supply of coffee and tea.

To figure out which workshop is best for you, which question have you been pondering the most lately….?

If you buy before February 23rd, your workshop ticket will also gain you guaranteed access to the ProductCamp London event which will be held the day after the workshops.  It’s a free and highly popular event with only limited spaces, where you’ll get the chance to share and discuss what was learned in the workshops and more.

Here’s what attendees had to say about last years’ workshops:

Very hands on and engaging – the exercises were useful

A ton of useful information and excitingly presented so that I could pay attention to the very last minute. Our instructor was very hands-on, took us through very good exercises, and was clearly very experienced

Really liked meeting others, from other companies to see how they operate and what they deal with. The energy from them – it’s clearly different to work in a startup than in established company.

I really enjoyed the interactivity with Gabrielle’s workshop. She did it in a way that made you think how you can use this in your everyday worklife.

You have 4 great workshops to choose from:

Product Management 101 with Kate Leto

kate-letoPerhaps you’ve just started in product management. Perhaps you’re thinking of becoming a product manager. Maybe you’re thinking of starting your own business with a product at its heart.

If you are, this one-day course will give you an introduction to the essentials you’ll need to know, including:

  • What do we mean by products and product management?
  • Why is it so important to talk to customers, and how can you do it yourself?
  • What is a user persona and how do you use it?
  • Why business and product have to be on the same page?
  • How can metrics and KPIs help you stay on the right track?
  • How do you condense all you’ve learned into user stories for your team?

The workshop is designed for people who are looking to get into product or are new to the role, and gives a wide breadth of information and insight into product management. It starts off with the fundamentals, and then dives into how each of the areas of product management (customer/UX, business, and technical) work together, along with practical exercises and tips to follow. Kate Leto is a seasoned product manager who will give lots of examples of what to expect in the day-to-day role of a product manager, and will compare what it’s like to work on various types of products and in various situations.

Level: Beginner – For those looking to get into product management or tackling their first product role
Cost: £499 incl. VAT 
Location: The Hatton, 51-53 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8HN
Date: Friday, 27 March 2015
Time: 10:00 to 17:00 (GMT)

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Lean Agile Product Design with Gabrielle Benefield

gabrielle-benefieldA one day intensive hands-on workshop covering what a lean/agile product manager does and principles for great product design.

  • How to kick-off a new product
    • Defining customer segments
    • Defining the business model
    • Creating measurable outcomes
  • How to plan your options
    • Creating a lean/agile roadmap
    • Creating MVPs
    • Forecasting deliveries and cost
  • Deliver and validate
    • Delivering iteratively and continuously
    • Measuring and validating value

Level: Advanced
Cost: £499 incl. VAT 
Location: The Hatton, 51-53 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8HN
Date: Friday, 27 March 2015
Time: 10:00 to 17:00 (GMT)

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Conversion Optimisation: Where to start, What to test, How to do it properly with Craig Sullivan


In this workshop, Craig will walk you through the toolkits, techniques and analytics preparation for finding easy wins or huge lifts from your site or product. He’ll then show you how to score and prioritise these around the effort versus the potential reward. Lastly, Craig will walk through the common problems made during A/B testing and how to change the culture or buy-in within your company. This is an open session with questions, discussion, checklists and a full pack of resources and reading material for you to take away and use all year.

  • Craig is a hands on guy so teaches practical techniques you can start using today
  • Gain access to toolkits and skills that aren’t commonly taught
  • Understand how to prioritise your testing to get maximum impact
  • Find out what Analytics reports help you find easy wins or great tests to run
  • Teams, Culture and Processes need to change with testing – get some great tips
  • Craig has made over 70 kinds of mistakes split testing – learn from him how to avoid wasted testing time

Some basic analytics or UX knowledge would be useful but anyone who wants to stop guesswork going into their products and learn from historical data and customer insight will benefit. Testing is not about applying tools – it’s about the mindsets of the managers and team members. This workshop touches every job role involved in building, marketing or analysing the performance of products.

Level: Advanced
Cost: £499 incl. VAT 
Location: The Hatton, 51-53 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8HN
Date: Friday, 27 March 2015
Time: 10:00 to 17:00 (GMT)

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Product Strategy & Product Success with Roman Pichler

roman-pichlerProduct strategy defines what product success looks like. It describes how a product should create value for its customers and users and for the business. It’s a key tool for product managers, product owners, and anyone who manages a product.

This engaging, hands-on workshop teaches you:

  • How to choose the right growth strategy, to align your product with the business strategy, and to leverage the product lifecycle to make the right strategic move.
  • How to formulate an effective product strategy including choosing the right segment, creating a compelling value proposition, making your product stand out, and selecting the right metrics/KPIs.
  • How to iteratively validate, correct, and refine your product strategy using interviews, observation, MVPs and other techniques.
  • Who to involve in the strategising work, how to plan for it, and how to manage it.

Level: Advanced
Cost: £499 incl. VAT 
Location: The Hatton, 51-53 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8HN
Date: Friday, 27 March 2015
Time: 10:00 to 17:00 (GMT)

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Pick the workshop you’re interested in and buy your ticket today – be quick as there are very limited spaces for each workshop! As the workshops are run in parallel you can only attend one of them, and once purchased you cannot change your workshop.

Early bird bonus: Access to ProductCamp

We will also be running ProductCamp London on Saturday, March 28th, the day after the workshops. Buy a workshop ticket and you’ll receive an early access code so you can sign up for ProductCamp London before the general release of the ProductCamp London tickets (ProductCamp London is free but has very limited places).

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