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It’s great to see you’re still eager to keep in touch and learn as much as you can about the product craft. Since we have your attention we thought we’d give you a recap on all that Mind the Product can help you with – just in case you’ve missed any of our recent news!

Mind the Product is the world's largest product management community. With over 100,000 members (and growing!), we aim to bring together lessons and insight from the top product people and give you ways to learn and connect with others, all around the world. On mindtheproduct.com not only can you learn from our free resources, you can also find job opportunities, product events, and training all in one place, helping you to hone your craft and build products people really love.


Original articles, resources and videos

We curate the best of the web, write up our events, share our experiences, and ask others to share theirs, and all with the aim of continuing the great discussions we start at our events, and growing and nurturing the product management community around the world. All of this content is completely free, and can be found on mindtheproduct.com.


Conferences – London & San Francisco and beyond...

#mtpcon is the Product Management event of the year where we explore the intersection of design, technology and business, inspiring you to build better products. Each single-track conference boasts industry-leading speakers, as well as a ton of side events including deep-dive workshops.

We also run smaller regional conferences called MTPEngage. This brings together product people for a day of learning, sharing and engaging, and pre-conference workshops. To find out more, check out what’s happening in Hamburg! More locations coming soon.



We run a training program for product managers, with public workshops and company training taking place across the world, run by expert product managers. Here’s a little more about our training story. And be sure to sign up for our monthly training newsletter.


We run informal, local meetups in over 140 cities across the globe, bringing together the product communities in each of those cities – whether they’re product managers, designers, or developers – to share their experience and knowledge. ProductTanks are always free to attend and are organised by volunteers and local product community leaders.

The Latest Jobs

Our jobs board helps companies reach great candidates for product roles, and helps product people find new career challenges. We only post product positions, so you get to see the most relevant roles at a glance.


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We send out a weekly newsletter (Prioritised) which brings together the top articles from around the web on product management, design, and development, as well as the latest jobs and upcoming events.


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