We are sunsetting Mind the Product Membership

You have reached this page because we are removing our content paywall and no longer selling Mind the Product membership.

Since Mind the Product was founded in 2010, our goal has always remained the same—making product people more successful by creating ways for the community to come together to further our craft.

To support this mission, we’re making some changes – as of 19 January 2023, we’re sunsetting our membership program and removing our content paywall to enable wider access to our premium content. You can learn more about these changes in this blog post.

So, what’s next?
  • Regular membership blog content from the past two years is now available to everyone.
  • From now on you can look forward to free, weekly premium content as well as brand new content types like expert columns, reports, and e-books.
  • Prioritised — our weekly newsletter — where we curate the best product content from around the web, will be open to all once more. You can sign up here.
What if I have an existing membership?

If you’re an existing Mind the Product member, the last year of your membership looks a little different! You can see your exclusive perks on your member dashboard (you will need to sign in to your membership account).


Any other questions? Contact our support team at