Getting your product pricing strategy right

BY Louron Pratt on February 13, 2023

A not-so frequent topic for Mind the Product is the pricing strategy for your product and how to get it right. With help from product and pricing experts, we discover the key fundamentals for successfully executing this part of your product strategy. A pricing strategy is a model or method used to establish the best Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND: Product strategy for beginners, Part 2

BY Eira Hayward on February 12, 2023

This week’s Sunday Rewind takes us back to a 2022 post from Finnish product designer Lassi Liikkanen that runs through five steps to getting engaged with product strategy. The first step is to digest the business strategy, says Lassi. This means starting with observations of what pieces of strategy are offered “top-down” from the rest of the Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND: Product strategy for beginners, Part 1

BY Eira Hayward on February 5, 2023

This week’s Sunday Rewind is the first of a two-part post from product designer Lassi Liikkanen on product strategy. The post aims to get you productive and to understand why starting with a strategy is difficult. Lassi starts by looking at what the absence of a strategy means for a digital product: it’s possible as Read more »

Being agile does not mean you can defocus

BY Sharon Feldstein on February 2, 2023

Product leader Sharon Feldstein looks at what it really means to be an agile product team today and how to balance this with product strategy and long-term goals. When I started my first job in tech, “agile” was THE thing everybody talked about. It was perceived as our savior from writing and executing long PRDs Read more »

Getting out from the Valley of Despair in product

BY Sharon Feldstein on December 20, 2022

In this guest post, Sharon Feldstein, Head of Product at Affogata, discusses the journey of creating a new product, and how we can avoid falling into the Valley of Despair, a common problem that many product managers face. Read more »

The cargo cult in product management

BY Arfan Ismail on December 6, 2022

In this guest post, Product Manager, Arfan Ismail, explains why what has worked in one company—even if it worked spectacularly well—may not necessarily work in another one, and employs an example from World War II to help illustrate his point. Read more »

Creating a successful product strategy

BY Ian David on November 29, 2022

Effective product strategies are important for the success of any business selling products and knowing what one looks like is important. In this article, Ian David looks at what a product strategy is and lists 9 product strategies for setting your strategic vision for product offerings. Read more »

Make better decisions faster by Martin Eriksson

BY Jon Horvath on November 14, 2022

In his keynote session at #mtpcon London 2022, Martin Eriksson, Product Partner at EQT Ventures, co-founder of Mind The Product and co-author of Product Leadership: How Top Product Managers Launch Great Products and Build Successful Teams, discusses how clearly articulated Product Principles can result in strategy-informed decision-making. Read more »

Building an effective product strategy - four key takeaways

BY Louron Pratt on September 23, 2022

In this Prioritised event exclusively for members, Managing Director of Mind the Product, Emily Tate, moderated a panel discussion of product experts to discuss building strategy in product. Read more »

Giving direction in product with Janna Bastow, Chiedza Muguti, and Nacho Bassino

BY Arne Kittler on September 22, 2022

This session On Giving Direction as a product manager was one of the themed sessions during MTPEngage Hamburg 2022. A stellar line-up of speakers shared their respective perspectives on how product leaders or product managers provide others with the necessary orientation to pull in one direction. Read more »