Experience is Overrated by Stewart Livingstone

BY Chris Massey on June 26, 2020

In his career journey from working in Learning and Development to being an Agile Delivery Manager at the Co-Op, Stewart Livingstone has seen the talent gap from multiple angles. In this MTP Engage Manchester talk, he and brings a refreshing perspective to this particular issue – one of the tech industry’s age-old problems. Organisations struggle to […] Read more »

Nurturing Local Talent

BY Imogen Schels on April 1, 2020

Whilst discussing the growing AsiaPac tech scene during a panel at #mtpcon Singapore in 2019, how to nurture local talent formed a large part of the conversation. One year on we look back at the advice shared by this group of product leaders. Leading by Example The conversation about local talent began with a question […] Read more »

Bernard Hosanna on Growing With Grab

BY Imogen Schels on March 30, 2020

Today, Bernard Hosanna is based in Singapore and works a product strategist at SouthEast Asia’s super app, Grab, but, like many in the game, he hasn’t always worked in product. Bernard studied engineering with a focus on telecoms at Singapore’s Temasek Polytechnic. While he remembers being a “fanatic about handphones and gadgets”, telecoms wasn’t for him, […] Read more »

Hiring Product People in AsiaPac

BY Imogen Schels on March 30, 2020

As the practice of product management develops across AsiaPac, two experts in recruitment consider some commonly asked questions and discuss the future of hiring as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts working life as we know it. Our Experts John-Simon Purcell is Senior Director of Product and Technical Strategy at Naspers/Prosus, a global internet group and one of […] Read more »

The Product of You by Melissa Perri

BY Jon Horvath on March 20, 2020

In this MTP Engage Manchester talk, Melissa Perri describes how you should start investing energy in “the product of you” and plan your career ascent to product leader. Key Points: Skills you learn as a junior product person can translate well into the C-suite You should look for opportunities to diversify your skill set There is […] Read more »

Cognitively Diverse Teams - Live from MTP Engage Manchester - Rakhi Rajani on The Product Experience

BY The Product Experience on February 26, 2020

At MTP Engage Manchester (February 2020), Rakhi Rajani (Associate Partner at QuantumBlack) joined us for our first-ever live podcast recording. Talking to Rakhi we learned why Engage organiser Adam Warburton called her the smartest person he’s ever worked with as we discussed building teams, hiring at scale, when you need troublemakers, and why she had […] Read more »

How I got my job in Product: Emely Übler, Product Manager

BY Imogen Schels on February 6, 2020

Emely Übler has been working in product management for six years and as a product manager for Koenig & Bauer Coding in Germany for the last 10 months. Here she explains how she got her job and why she sees herself as a bit of a ‘product mom’. I find what we do at Koenig […] Read more »

Hacking The Hiring Process - Alex Yang & Max Bevan on The Product Experience

BY The Product Experience on February 5, 2020

If you’ve ever had to fill a role in your team, then you already know how broken most hiring processes are.  It’s even harder if you’re competing for top talent but are only able to pay at NGO/charity scales.  That’s the situation that Simprints found itself in when they decided to treat their hiring process […] Read more »

Can a Product Career be Planned? By Marc Abraham

BY Andres Phillips on January 20, 2020

Kick-starting a product career can be difficult, especially if you’re looking for a straightforward route. In this ProductTank London talk, Marc Abraham, Product Ownership Practice Lead at ASOS gives us a framework for breaking into product management. He takes us through: Why planning a product management career is hard Getting started as a product manager Watch the […] Read more »

From Museums to Fintech by Amy Carmichael

BY Andres Phillips on December 31, 2019

In this ProductTank London talk, Amy Carmichael, Head of Product at Crowdcube, tells us about her strange path from studying art and museums to become the Head of Product at a fintech startup. She takes us through the four themes she discovered along the way. Do the job you want before anyone asks Lean on your […] Read more »