Lessons from building the UK's test and trace app - Randeep Sidhu

BY The Product Experience on August 11, 2021

As product people, it’s important for us to love our products, our customers, and the problems we’re trying to solve. (though not in that order!).  A lot of the time, though, we’re not really working on something truly important. That’s not the case for Randeep Sidhu—he got a call to help rescue the UK’s Covid-19 […] Read more »

Building for success at every stage of product development - Cait O'Riordan

BY The Product Experience on May 5, 2021

Building and managing products is hard. Building an organisation that manages existing products, and is optimised to build new ones is exponentially harder — which is why we spoke with Cait O’Riordan, Chief Product and Information Officer at the Financial Times, for this week’s podcast. A veteran of the BBC and Shazam, she’s now working […] Read more »

The Product Experience podcast: Your top 10 episodes

BY Imogen Schels on April 6, 2021

So far, 2021 is turning out to be a pretty special year for The Product Experience podcast. Our 100th episode aired, we were shortlisted in the Publisher Podcast Awards, the pod even got a little facelift as part of our brand refresh. We think that’s all worth celebrating! So, with more than 100 episodes to […] Read more »

Managing Change - Joe Leech on The Product Experience [Rebroadcast]

BY The Product Experience on August 12, 2020

Just call him Mr Joe. A UK-based consultant, Joe Leech has built a reputation for managing change (for both users and stakeholders) and as the guy to call when a product launch has gone wrong.  Joe gave one of the most entertaining and engaging talks at Mind the Product in London 2018, so we followed […] Read more »

Service Design and Product - Andy Budd on The Product Experience

BY The Product Experience on August 5, 2020

One of our favourite pub discussions after a ProductTank is to try and define the difference between a product and a service. (We’re fun like that.) These days, we’re doing all of our meetups and events remotely, so Andy Budd joined us on the podcast to talk about the difference between product managers and service […] Read more »

The Black Mirror Test - Roisi Proven on The Product Experience [Rebroadcast]

BY The Product Experience on March 25, 2020

A couple of things we’re hearing people talk about a lot this week are how they’re adjusting to working in a different way, and how they are adjusting their strategies to deal with the current situation. These are situations that are fraught with the possibility for unintended consequences – something Roisi Proven covered in her […] Read more »

Outcomes Over Outputs - Josh Seiden on The Product Experience [Rebroadcast]

BY The Product Experience on March 11, 2020

One of the things we’ve learned from doing this podcast is that it’s important to schedule in time to reflect and to revisit some of the lessons you’ve learned along the way.  It’s been a recurring theme, actually – something that’s been mentioned by Barry O’Reilly, Rian van der Merwe, and John Cutler – and […] Read more »

I Got 99 Problems - Learning From Jay-Z - Marc Abraham on The Product Experience

BY The Product Experience on February 19, 2020

If you listen to the end credits of the podcast every week, then you already know Marc Abraham’s voice – he’s ProductTank’s Global Coordinator, a co-curator of the Mind the Product conference, an author (of My Product Management Toolkit), and he’s got a day job as a Head of Product at ASOS.  What you might […] Read more »

Cracking The Data Code - Mike Bugembe on The Product Experience

BY The Product Experience on January 29, 2020

W. Edwards Deming wrote, “In God we trust, all others must bring data.”  Product people hold on to this as a mantra – how else can we defend ourselves from random requests? – but we’re not always taught how best to use data.  In this week’s episode, founder Mike Bugembe joins us on the […] Read more »

Where Do Good Ideas Come From? - Gal Josefsberg on The Product Experience

BY The Product Experience on January 8, 2020

One of the hardest skills for product people to acquire is that of saying no. After all, when everyone comes at you with ideas, prioritisation can be a massive challenge. So it’s refreshing when we get a chance to come at it from the opposite direction in order to generate good ideas. Gal Josefsberg, VP […] Read more »