A case study: crafting OKRs at Printify

BY Alexander Kazeev on November 11, 2021

In this article, we’ll share our good and bad experiences in setting, measuring, and testing OKRs goals against the fluctuations of print-on-demand eCommerce. Read more »

OKRs can be simple - Storm Fagan on The Product Experience

BY The Product Experience on November 10, 2021

Storm Fagan — now the Chief Product Officer at the BBC, joined us on the podcast to break down how she made OKRs scale at a big company by keeping them simple. (Hint: that wasn’t her first approach.) Read more »

Let’s talk about Objectives and Key Results

BY Federico Iglesias on November 9, 2021

Product leader, Federico Iglesias delves into the elements of OKRs in product management, and discusses how they can be utilised best for teams in his post ‘Let’s talk about OKRs’. Read more »

How to connect strategy with OKRs

BY Nacho Bassino on November 9, 2021

To maximise the effectiveness of OKRs, teams must connect them to their overarching business strategy. Learn how from Nacho Bassino, Director of Product at XING, about ‘Connecting Strategy to OKRs’ Read more »

OKRs: Implement well, ensure transparency and drive progress

BY Louron Pratt on November 8, 2021

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are used in different ways. What’s more, different stages of the framework present different challenges. To shed light on some key areas we asked three product managers to share their experiences. Read more »

Everything you need to know about OKRs: AMA with Jeff Gothelf

BY Louron Pratt on August 26, 2021

In this exclusive Prioritised member AMA, Jeff Gothelf, co-author of Lean UX and Sense & Respond, provides insights on objectives and key results (OKRs). He also discusses the biggest challenges that come along with adopting this business model. Read more »

Radical Focus 2.0 — an excerpt from Christina Wodtke

BY Christina Wodtke on June 9, 2021

When I published Radical Focus in 2014, I had high hopes that the audience of entrepreneurs for whom I wrote it would see the value of using Objectives and Key Results (OKR) to manage goal-setting and achieving—and indeed, I was amazed by how many thousands did. What surprised me was the attention my book received from Read more »

Building extraordinary product teams

BY Federico Iglesias on May 4, 2021

When I finished watching Episode 4th Season 2nd of “Formula 1 Drive to Survive” on Netflix, I didn’t quite know if I had just watched a great episode about high-performance motorsport or participated in a Product Management keynote in the style of Mind the Product conference. A brief disclaimer: I’m not even a fan of Read more »

The dos and don'ts of product analytics

BY Eira Hayward on April 2, 2021

Analytics help product people to realise their product goals through being evidence and outcome driven — today they are a vital part of any product person’s toolkit. This deep dive into analytics aims to give you some background information on analytics, some handy dos and don’ts and also shares some key insights from a new Read more »

Putting OKRs at the Centre - Natalija Hellesoe on The Product Experience

BY The Product Experience on February 24, 2021

We all know what OKRs are. Most of us use them or have tried to at some point. But it’s a much smaller group that have used OKRs well, and for their intended purpose. Natalija Hellesoe, co-author of OKRs at the Center, joins us on the podcast to chat about taking your practice to the Read more »