How I got a job in product: Erika Kramarik

BY Louron Pratt on August 3, 2021

Erika Kramarik is a full-stack marketer for a product agency, here’s how she transitioned from a non-tech career to a job in product.   Roles and responsibilities My work entails mostly content creation for my company, early talks with founders, sharing their stories as they progress, and guidance on marketing and positioning for our clients. Read more »

How I got my job in product: Matt Terrington, global digital product owner

BY Louron Pratt on July 1, 2021

Matt Terrington is a global digital product owner at Nissan. He explains what he does in his job in product and how he got it. Read more »

How I got my job in Product: Morgan Beschle, VP of Product

BY Louron Pratt on May 6, 2021

Morgan Beschle has been working as VP of Product at Cureatr for nine weeks after working in product management for 14 years. She explains how she landed her most recent job in product and talks about her journey in starting a new senior product leadership role during a global pandemic. I lead our Product Management Read more »

How I became a product manager, by Matthew Vitebsky

BY Tremis Skeete on July 31, 2020

Matthew Vitebsky shares the advice he wishes he’d had when he get his first product management job, and offers tips for nailing the role. Read more »

How I got my job in Product: Ashley Fidler, CPO

BY Imogen Schels on March 11, 2020

Ashley Fidler explains how, through a series of career twists and turns, she went from a PhD in Linguistics to becoming CPO at Eigen Technologies. Ten years ago, I left academia to go into tech full time. In my current role as CPO for Eigen Technologies in London, I manage a team that includes business and technical product, Read more »

How I got my job in Product: Emely Übler, Product Manager

BY Imogen Schels on February 6, 2020

Emely Übler has been working in product management for six years and as a product manager for Koenig & Bauer Coding in Germany for the last 10 months. Here she explains how she got her job and why she sees herself as a bit of a ‘product mom’. I find what we do at Koenig Read more »

How I got my job in Product: Yoann Grange, Product Manager

BY Imogen Schels on January 13, 2020

Three months into a new position at AB Tasty in Paris, Yoann Grange explains how a degree in languages, a personal project, a blog post and lunch with a Twitter connection helped him to land his role. I’ve been working in digital products for 15 years and, throughout this time, I’ve found that product management Read more »