P This, M That, by Marc De Pape

BY Andres Phillips on August 21, 2020

The acronym “PM” and also the role of a product manager means something different everywhere. In this ProductTank Toronto talk, Marc De Pape, Director of Strategic Design at, dissects the product manager role from its early beginnings to the current role and a potential future. Watch the video to see Marc’s talk in full. Or Read more »

How to be a Successful Product Owner, by Ninon Laforce

BY Andres Phillips on August 17, 2020

In this ProductTank Toronto talk, Ninon Laforce, then of Bluecat, provides us with some of the key skills and techniques needed to become a product owner. Her key points include: What is a product owner Becoming a great product owner The responsibilities and challenges of a product owner What is a Product Owner A product owner addresses Read more »

How I became a product manager, by Matthew Vitebsky

BY Tremis Skeete on July 31, 2020

Matthew Vitebsky shares the advice he wishes he’d had when he get his first product management job, and offers tips for nailing the role. Read more »

Demystifying the Technical Product Manager Role, By Anthony Ilukwe

BY Andres Phillips on July 21, 2020

In a 2018 ProductTank Toronto talk, Anthony Ilukwe, then Director of Product at PathFactory, shared with us his views and experiences about the role of a Technical Product Manager (TPM). He highlighted some of the misconceptions and misunderstandings he sees in the community and deconstructs what he sees as the key factors and skills that differentiate Read more »

What Makes A Good Product Manager? by Moe Ali

BY Andres Phillips on July 9, 2020

In this ProductTank Toronto talk, Moe Ali – currently the CPO at Airborne – gives us some insights into the classic archetypes and characteristics of a good product manager, covering: The balance of product discovery vs delivery Some of the archetypes of product managers What practices make a good product manager Product Discovery vs Delivery A typical Read more »

You are the product - Kristina Walcker-Mayer on The Product Experience

BY The Product Experience on July 8, 2020

Product people have a lot of things in common: we’re curious, we like connecting the dots, we try to solve more problems than we create, we get bored easily, we’re pretty social (even if we also identify as introverts), and we enjoy looking at things at both a tactical and strategic level. Unfortunately, we’re also Read more »

Breaking Into Product - Shaun Russell on The Product Experience

BY The Product Experience on June 17, 2020

Berlin-based Product Coach Shaun Russell was always destined to work in Product. He co-founded Audiobubble while still in school and gave himself all the responsibilities of a Product Manager years before ever hearing of the title. In the years since he’s put a lot of thought into the development of his practice and has spoken Read more »

How I got my job in Product: Yoann Grange, Product Manager

BY Imogen Schels on January 13, 2020

Three months into a new position at AB Tasty in Paris, Yoann Grange explains how a degree in languages, a personal project, a blog post and lunch with a Twitter connection helped him to land his role. I’ve been working in digital products for 15 years and, throughout this time, I’ve found that product management Read more »

The Unintentional Career of John Cutler

BY Eira Hayward on November 28, 2019

Multiple hat wearer. Prod dev nut. This is John Cutler’s online bio. He’s someone you’ll certainly have come across if you’re at all interested in any of the discussion around the thinking and theory behind product management. He writes, he tweets, he regularly speaks at conferences, and with 31,000 Twitter followers (not to mention 26,000 followers Read more »

Better for business? Size up the benefits of an MBA

BY Alex Jonas on February 9, 2018

Over the past couple of years, there has been something of a trend in product management circles for criticizing (or at least challenging) the value of an MBA. As a current MBA candidate, here’s why I think this is misguided. A couple of years ago an article appeared in the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere which highlighted the Read more »