Useful Web Accessibility Checks and Tools

BY Imogen Schels on January 1, 2020

You will find a wide range of free, accessibility tools online. These include everything from colour contrast checkers and readability tools to open-source screen readers. For example, you can make some quick checks using the WAVE web accessibility evaluation tool (input a URL and the tool will immediately highlight errors) while the Gunning Fog Index can be Read more »

Building Accessibility in to Your Products: Just Do It!

BY Emily Tate on September 10, 2018

Building accessible products is the right thing to do. In concept, this is not a difficult idea to agree with. As technology becomes more ingrained into everyday life, the ability to use digital products is a necessity; therefore, from an ethical perspective, ensuring that a diverse set of customers can use your product is a Read more »

Design Trends - 2018 Will be the Year of the Human

BY Andreas Conradi on January 19, 2018

Every year, the UX design team at Red Badger discusses upcoming trends, and this year we’re taking the opportunity to share our views with Mind The Product readers. 1. Inclusive and Ethical Design Goes Mainstream Accessibility has long been a consideration for our industry, but 2018 will see a new wave of users who demand Read more »