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Stories From the ProductTank Community - Bangkok

BY Imogen Johnson on April 9, 2020

Co-organiser, Renato Silva reveals who works hard behind the scenes to bring ProductTank Bangkok (aka PTBKK!) to life, and how their meetups have been helping the community since they began in 2017. What is it that motivates you to run ProductTank meetups? Put simply – getting the Bangkok product community together. Most product teams around […]

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Product Management Resilience - Coping Through COVID

BY Silja Litvin on April 8, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to impact life, work and everything in between, we’re asking the product management community – how have you and your work been affected so far? What challenges are you facing and what action have you already taken to cope during the crisis? We’d like to better understand your professional experiences and learnings […]

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Conversations, Conflict and Leadership - Roman Pichler on The Product Experience

BY The Product Experience on April 8, 2020

Throughout their careers, whatever question either Lily or Randy has had, Roman Pichler’s probably had some great advice on the topic! A longtime consultant, author and teacher, we grabbed him for a chat focusing on some of the lessons contained in his fourth book, How to Lead in Product Management. Quote of the Episode A […]

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Best Practices for Designing Products That are Desirable, Viable, and Feasible

BY Tanya Koshy on April 7, 2020

The ultimate goal of any product team is to design products that are desirable, viable, and feasible. To achieve this, and drive rapid validation and iteration cycles, teams need to constantly refine their understanding of three key questions. These are: Who is my customer? What is their problem? What is the best, lightest solution I […]

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A Practical Guide for Product Strategy From Almundo: A Case Study:

BY Franco Fagioli on April 6, 2020

Eighteen months ago travel tech company Almundo started to refine its processes to become a product-driven company. Our goal was to define how we would set and communicate the company strategy, and how that strategy would lead OKRs and backlog definition. This is what we did. Note: This post was written before the Covid19 lockdown. […]

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Mind the Product APAC - What We Learned

BY Imogen Johnson on April 3, 2020

Our week-long event – Mind the Product APAC has come to an end and what a week it’s been! Our product family is feeling bigger and better than ever before but just because the event is over, does not mean the celebration has to end too. Our mission was to celebrate the incredible work, products […]

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