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Are you looking to hone your storytelling and presentation skills? Maybe you would like to boost your personal brand? Or maybe it’s your big dream to one day share a stage with your product heroes? We can help with that!


In this exclusive one-day workshop from Mind the Product, we are offering 20 product people the chance to master their public speaking and presentation skills, led by world-renowned product speakers.


Today, product speaker aspirations. Tomorrow,  our Mind the Product public speaking workshop. Next stop, the #mtpcon stage?


At a glance

  • Date: Thursday, 23rd April 2020
  • Duration: 1-Day (with pre and post workshop exercises)
  • Price: £350
  • Who is this for: Working product people looking to improve their public speaking and presentation skills
  • Locations: London only!
  • Trainers: Martin Eriksson and Emily Tate
  • Key theory covered: Storytelling, presentation style, slide design, getting audience feedback, what makes a good product talk
  • Practical experience: Multiple opportunities to present to product peers in-workshop, on-the-spot feedback from trainers and peers, pre and post support from trainers

Why choose Mind the Product?

Globally-renowned speaker and Mind the Product’s Co-Founder Martin Eriksson will be joined by fellow curator and product speaker Emily Tate to lead this one-off public speaking workshop.


From curating the five largest product management conferences in the world to running ProductTanks in 190+ countries, we know what it takes to make a great public speaker in product. We’ve seen big product leaders such as Marty Cagan, Christina Wodtke, and Dave Wascha grace our stages, while continuing to champion up-and-coming names. Check out who else we’ve seen at our conferences.


Whether you’re looking to give your product career a boost, or simply be a better public speaker, this workshop will give you the support and momentum you need to achieve your goals.

Applications are now closed

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What will we cover?

This isn’t just any old one-day workshop. We’ll support you before and after the course with exercises, reading materials, and recommendations so you can get the most out of the course.



  • You’ll have a remote 1:1 with one of our trainers, which will introduce the key concepts of public speaking and the workshop as a whole. We’ll also get to know what you’d like to focus on and your desired outcomes.
  • We’ll provide you with some supporting materials to explore before the workshop, including some top notch example product talks and further reading.
  • You’ll also be asked to write a 2-5 minute talk to present on the day of the workshop so you arrive feeling well-prepared and ready to tell your story!

At the Workshop

  • Presentation dry run
    You’ll kick off the day by giving your prepared presentation and receiving valuable on-the-spot feedback from your peers and trainers.
  • How to deliver a good talk?
    We’ll dive into the theory and look at practical tools and techniques to use going forward. We’ll cover topics such as creating a story arc, slide design (or no slides), practicing, and stage presence. Martin and Emily will draw from their own real life experience and provide examples of great speaking and presentation.
  • How to deliver a good product talk?
    Your trainers will build on the public speaking fundamentals, zooming in on what’s required to create and deliver a good product talk. We will also dive into some previous talks from Mind the Product conferences and ProductTanks.
  • Presentation dry run
    You will get the chance to again work with your peers on your talk, sharing and incorporating the skills and lessons you have learned throughout the day. Your trainers will continue to support your dry run, offering invaluable feedback and advice.


  • You’ll have a follow up 1:1 to reflect on your session, consider what your next steps for ongoing learning are, and how best to build momentum in your public speaking.
  • Slides and talks will be recorded and shared with you afterwards so that you can continue to hone your skills.
  • We will also connect you with other workshop attendees (with your permission!) so that you can continue to work together, and support each other’s public speaking progress after the workshop.

Applications are now closed

  • If you’ve applied, we’ll let you know the result of your application by email by the end of Friday, 6th March
  • If you are successful we’ll send you an exclusive link to buy your ticket – you’ll need to do this by the end of Friday, 13th March
  • We’ll be in touch to set up your initial 1:1 once you have purchased your ticket.

Applications are now closed

Your Trainers

Martin Eriksson

Martin Eriksson

Martin Eriksson is a product leader, speaker, author, and expert in product practices with over 25 years experience building products and product teams in multiple markets and industries. He has worked his way through the ins-and-outs of companies of various sizes, including The Financial Times, Monster (building the first SaaS offering there in 2004), Huddle, Covestor, and Cazoo. He literally wrote the book on Product Leadership, and currently serves as the CPO-in-residence at EQT Ventures, one of Europe’s leading venture capital funds.


As the Founder of ProductTank and Co-Founder and Chairman of Mind the Product – together the world’s largest product community that brings product people together in over 190 cities across the globe to further the craft – Martin has helped define an industry and shaped the practices of a generation of product managers.


Emily Tate

Emily Tate

Emily Tate is Chief of Staff for Mind the Product, the world’s largest community of product people. Emily is also an accomplished speaker on product management best practices and leadership, and has spoken at events across the world including SXSW, TX, Agile-Lean Ireland, SpringOne platform, Big Design, and Agile Cambridge.


Prior to joining Mind the Product, Emily spent over 10 years in product leadership as a consultant with Pivotal Labs and product manager in the travel industry. She started her career managing software solutions for airlines before taking her experience to the traveler’s side of the journey as the product manager for a leading travel management app, TripCase. Emily is passionate about the craft of product management and loves talking about new ways to make products people love. She was listed as one of “52 Women Making an Impact in Product Management” in 2017.