Becky Yelland

Product Director

Becky has over 2 decades experience working in Product Management, the last 12 years spent managing global product and design teams. Working at a wide variety of industries, product types and end users; B2C, B2B, and B2B2C in financial services, payments, retail banking, SaaS, personal media and TV media in home products and most recently in Climate Tech. Becky spends a huge amount of time 'giving back' to the product community through mentoring, speaking at industry events and is a partner and community leader at Product Mind community (which is TOTALLY FREE) - the worlds only community supporting the mental health and wellbeing of product professionals globally - Join today if the noise of the ProductTech industry is causing increasing anxiety or even (worse) imposter syndrome.... 100s of members & our growing cohort of thought leaders already are supporting each other through lived/worked experiences and expert advice.