Christine Itwaru

Christine has been in product management for 12+ years, and has held roles from Product Manager to Director leading teams to Head of Product Operations. She’s done so across finance, fintech, and SaaS and has focused on not only delivering product and outcomes to customers, but strengthening product teams while doing so. Christine believes great experiences for customers start with a frictionless product experience that helps them build trust with the company, ultimately creating a partnership vs a transactional relationship. Her passion for connecting product people to their partners and customers helped guide her throughout her career in product and has been foundational to her role as a pioneer in Product Operations, and thought leader in the product space. She’s led and coached teams through product-led transformation and continues to mentor product leaders on setting up foundations for strong teams, creating and delivering best practices, and creating a system for product managers to do their best in. Christine enjoys giving back to the product community and looks at product management as a discipline rather than a role in technology.