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27/05/2021 Highlights from #WorldProductDay

On Wednesday 26th May, product managers around the world came together to celebrate World Product Day. Here we share some of the highlights including talks from ProductTanks in New Zealand, Lagos, and Hong Kong, plus ProductTank award winners, and insights from the community. Read more


26/05/2021  Join us for #WorldProductDay

On 26 May, ProductTanks from around the world will be celebrating World Product Day by hosting events throughout the day. No matter what timezone you’re in, there will be a ProductTank event ready for you! Find out more


01/03/2021  Celebrate Local Product Heroes on World Product Day

On 26 May 2021, ProductTanks around the world will celebrate World Product Day with 24-hours of product therapy of talks showcasing their ‘local product heroes’. Here’s what’s happening and how to get involved. Discover more