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Do I have to pay to attend ProductTank?

No. ProductTanks are always free to attend, organised by volunteers from the local product community, and supported by our generous sponsors.


Where can I find my local ProductTank?

We have over 200 ProductTanks across 43 countries around the world. You can search for your country using the map on our Find your local ProductTank page.


How do I become a ProductTank organiser?

If there’s no ProductTank in your city and you really wish there was, you can become an organiser by following some simple but important steps:


  1. Check the demand is there: If you go to all the work of launching a ProductTank you’ll want to know people are going to show up. If you don’t already have a sense of demand, put out some feelers to be sure you’ll have attendees ready and waiting to join.
  2. Consider the work it involves: As our incredible organisers will tell you, running a ProductTank takes work. In this volunteer role and you’ll have to find speakers, venues (where applicable), sponsors, and keep your attendees informed of upcoming events.
  3. Get in touch before you begin: ProductTank is a trademarked brand owned by Mind the Product which means you must have permission from Mind the Product to start a ProductTank in your city. We do this to protect the amazing reputation ProductTank has built, and to ensure a consistently great experience for all our members around the world.

Think you’d make a great ProductTank organiser? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with the Mind the Product team today. Get in touch


How do I speak at a ProductTank?

ProductTanks feature local and global speakers with varying levels of experience in Product. Our organisers are always looking for new and exciting product people to speak at digital ProductTank events. Join our speaker directory so that organisers can find you for future events.


How do I sponsor a ProductTank?

Sponsoring a ProductTank is easy! Contact us about ProductTank sponsorship opportunities and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.