Communication & Alignment for Product Managers


Why choose Communication & Alignment?

(previously Product Management Essentials)

Product management comes with massive responsibility but often little authority. Our Communication & Alignment workshop teaches you how to begin adding a layer of strategy to your tactical activities in order to align your organisation around your process and vision – ensuring you have maximum impact!


Communication & Alignment for Product Managers complements and builds upon the content covered in our Product Management Foundations workshop. However, they are both standalone workshops and can be taken completely separately.


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Get Strategic

Gain a firm understanding of how to add a layer of strategic thinking to your day-to-day grounded, tactical activities – because product management is inherently a strategic role.

Know Which Tools to Pick

Understand the variety of frameworks and tools that are at your disposal, how to decide which one to choose, and that there is no ‘one size fits all’ product solution.

Take Everyone With You on the Journey

Learn how to engage your team and stakeholders early on in the product process so that they can be a supporter of the vision that they’ve helped co-create, ensuring that your product gets out the door!

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At a glance

  • Duration: 1-Day
  • Who is this for: Working product managers who have been in the role for 1.5 years+ who are looking to begin adding a layer of strategic thinking to their product process
  • Locations: Across the world
  • Key skills learned: Strategic thinking, evaluating opportunity, stakeholder management, synthesis, reporting out
  • Frameworks covered: Prioritisation, canvases, organisational communication strategies

What is it like to go to one of our workshops?


What you’ll cover on the day

  • Stakeholder management: A deep-dive into organisational relationships and understanding how to build a communication strategy
  • Evaluating opportunity: Understanding how to unpack product assumptions and line up macro data to establish product viability and the foundations for product/market fit
  • Conducting Synthesis: Distilling insights from research and how to collaborate with stakeholders to deepen user understanding and influence
  • Prioritisation: Covering a range of techniques and their uses for alignment at points of product development lifecycle
  • Reporting out: Understanding why you report out, how to report out at different levels in an organisation and outside it, and understanding bias as it relates to reporting
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Why choose Mind the Product?

  • Hands-on and Interactive keyboard_arrow_right

    Each workshop module contains an interactive, hands-on component. This ensures that you have an opportunity to apply and work with each concept you learn about in a setting that will answer questions and facilitate critical thinking. We don’t think you can be “taught” product management, you have to do it – there will be Post-it’s, Sharpies, white boards, and group discussions(!) – which really help you to internalise the concepts you are being taught and take them back to work to put into practice the very next day.

  • Expert Trainers keyboard_arrow_right

    Every Mind the Product trainer is a working product manager. Your trainer’s product management experience enriches the curriculum by delivering diverse perspectives on best practice in different scenarios. Our trainers’ main goal is not to provide participants with all of the answers, but help facilitate them in asking the right questions.

    You can meet some of them here.

  • Up-to-the-Minute Curriculum keyboard_arrow_right

    The Mind the Product workshop curriculum is treated as a product in itself. We keep all of our content up-to-date with the latest thinking and research, and iterate regularly, meaning that what we are teaching is always current.

  • You're Joining a Community keyboard_arrow_right

    Every workshop is a chance to meet your peers and share knowledge. As well as learning from your trainers, you’ll also learn from your fellow participants, hearing examples of product practice and challenges from a wealth of perspectives, industries, and levels of experience.

    And of course, once your workshop has come to a close it doesn’t stop there – there is still learning to be done via our blog, at our global ProductTank meetups, our conferences, in our Slack community, and we’re always here to answer any additional questions you have with our monthly video series, Mindset. In short, you’ll feel fully supported through your learning experience with us because you’ll have this wonderful product community at your fingertips.

  • By Product Managers, for Product Managers keyboard_arrow_right

    Mind the Product started with the first ProductTank meet up in London in 2010 with the simple aim of bringing together product managers to connect, share, and learn from each other. We are now the biggest product management community in the world and our aim has not changed. We are product managers at heart with the sole aim of making product people more successful and building products people love!

  • This is Just the Beginning keyboard_arrow_right

    We offer training for all levels of experience for product people at all stages of their career. If this is the start of your Mind the Product Training journey then together we have a great adventure ahead of us – we’ll nurture you along the way and give you the confidence you need to become an amazing product manager. And it all starts here…

Meet your trainers

Every Mind the Product trainer is a working practitioner with experience of multiple products and domains. Your trainer’s experience enriches the curriculum by delivering diverse perspectives on best practice in different scenarios. Our trainers’ main goal is not to provide participants with all of the answers, but help facilitate them in asking the right questions.

Meet just a few of our trainers below:

Cris Valerio - San Francisco

Cris Valerio - San Francisco

Head of Product

Emma Mulholland - Ireland

Emma Mulholland - Ireland

Product Manager

Kevin Saito - Seattle

Kevin Saito - Seattle

Principal Product Manager

TJ Jordan - Boston

TJ Jordan - Boston

Product Designer


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