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Mind the Product has created one of the most comprehensive and in-depth libraries of product knowledge in the world. With each conference and meetup we add to this chest, and learn new lessons. Mind the Product Training is a program that leverages that knowledge and combines it with trainings created by product managers and driven by the needs and goals of our product community.

Our curriculum is focused on product problem solving, bringing together in-depth views of the technical processes and soft skills that product managers need in order to ship great products. The modules address situations that product managers encounter and discuss how to strategize and put together a plan to tackle the challenge. The courses are designed to help teams deliver more value immediately, and also help individuals address skills gaps needed to hit the next level in their careers.

Mind the Product presented a one-day workshop jam-packed with insightful information to our Ignite teams. Starting from the basics of getting to know your users through the discovery phase, down to developing in-depth user personas, it gave our teams the information they needed to start their journeys into user research and product management. The workshop laid a strong foundation for the work we continue to do with the teams.
Lisa Long, VP Product at Telenor