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Product Leadership Course Information Hub

Welcome to your course information hub! Here you’ll find everything you need to make the most of your Product Leadership course.


This includes:

Important pre-course activities
What to expect from the course
How to access the sessions on each day
How we’ll support you after the course

Important pre-course activities

These activities will help you to make the most of the course. Please complete them in advance.


1. Complete your bio on the course Mural board (5 mins)

We have emailed you a link to the Mural board we will use during the course. This helps your trainer to get to know you in advance.


2. Complete the pre-course Q&A (15 mins)

Consider your day-to-day and strategic activities as a product leader. How would you explain and describe your job to them if someone asked you? Take a few minutes to write out your own definition of Product Leadership – we’ll discuss these in class.


3. Download each week’s workbook (10 mins)

The workbooks serve as a way for you to preview that week’s content – and as a tool for revision and reflection between each session.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4 (no workbook for this week!)


4. Read your Course Guide (10 mins)

This contains important information about the tools we’ll use each day, tips, and answers to frequently asked questions.


What to expect from the course

In this course, we’ll focus on the key responsibilities of a product leader: building empowered product teams and working with the organisation to achieve better product outcomes.

Our Product Leadership course is designed to help product leaders create high-performing product teams and a strong product culture across their organisations.


What the course covers

Week 1 – You as a product leader
We’ll talk about what product leadership looks like and ways to think about creating focus in the role. We’ll look at various business contexts that may shape your roles and responsibilities and ways to create impact in these contexts. We’ll discuss tools and frameworks to help evaluate and improve your skills, as well as how to work with feedback. We’ll touch on bias and create a lightweight skills improvement plan.


Week 2 – Your role within the team
We’ll cover the mindsets which are essential for high-performing teams and what’s needed to empower product teams. We’ll talk about structures for teams and organisations and ways to enable psychological safety. We’ll talk about managing product managers and coaching for exceptional performance. Using different tools, we’ll create actions to help support your product teams and product managers.


Week 3 – The role product leaders play within the wider organisation.
We’ll look at ways to create a product vision and strategy and your role in creating strategic alignment. We’ll talk about the ‘toolbox’ leaders can use to effectively manage and improve your process across the product development lifecycle. We’ll close the session by creating a prioritised plan that you can take back to the office tomorrow!


Week 4 – Wider discussion on specific challenges.
We know very well that product leaders come from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels — as well as facing unique challenges depending on their specific company scenario. The final week will focus on your burning questions and allows your trainers to customise the time to meet the needs of the class. This might involve covering a topic that is relevant to the group but not specifically covered in the content or digging much deeper into areas the group wants to dig into.


Please note, in this course, we won’t cover the following:

  • Metrics and analytics
  • Managing complex product portfolios
  • Organisational transformation
  • Governance, programme management, budgeting

That said – the final week is designed to address specific challenges within the group. If we find a group that would benefit from addressing some of the topics in more detail throughout the course, we will dedicate time to these topics in that final session.

How to access the session on each day

One week before the session, we will send you an email containing the session Zoom link. We’ll also send it again the day before your session – so you can’t miss it.


If you’ve completed the pre-session activities, all you need to do is show up and prepare for product management greatness!

Simply join the Zoom 10 minutes before your session start time and open up Mural using the links we’ve provided you by email.


Weekly homework: discussions and recommended reading

Join your group’s Slack channel here.

In between each session, you’ll be encouraged to take some time to reflect on your learnings based on the personal retrospective prompts in your workbooks. To help build accountability and encourage you to take what you’ve learned into your daily work we’ve created a discussion channel in Mind the Product’s public Slack where we’ll ask you to post your thoughts and share your progress throughout the week.

We’ll also provide you with a recommended reading list for that week that will help you dive deeper into the content from each session. You can find these in your workbooks.

How we’ll support you after the course

Your journey with us doesn’t stop at the end of the course itself. You can complement your learning by taking part in valuable events and activities and diving into exclusive articles and case studies available on our website

After your sessions, we’ll:

  • Share helpful resources, including the slides and a PDF of the Mural board from your course
  • Recap on the resources you already have access to and how to use them effectively
  • Give you the tools to add our official course badge to your LinkedIn profile under ‘Licenses & Certifications’

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