Mind the Product is joining Pendo

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Mind the Product recently announced that we are joining the Pendo family. To learn more, read

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  • Was Mind the Product looking for a buyer? Why did you choose Pendo? keyboard_arrow_right

    As Mind the Product emerged from the pandemic, we took the opportunity to review our strategic goals, addressing both what is best for the internal team and the wider community. We investigated a wide range of options to support our mission and team, including VC funding, strategic partnerships, and more. 


    We already knew Pendo well, having collaborated for a number of years on content and events. As the dialogue progressed, it became overwhelmingly clear that Pendo not only understood our aims and shared our values but was also looking for ways to do more with content, education, and community in pursuit of a similar mission. This arrangement will deliver benefits to both organisations, allowing both to build on individual successes, grow faster together, and offer substantially more to the growing world of product managers over the coming years.

  • Why is Pendo acquiring Mind the Product? keyboard_arrow_right

    Part of Pendo’s mission has always been to support and educate the broader product management community. The Pendo team sees tremendous value in helping product managers to be better at what they do and knows that the more people who care about building great products—the more people there are who need solutions like Pendo. 

  • What will change? keyboard_arrow_right

    Mind the Product stays Mind the Product—our content, conferences, events, community meetups, training, and more will happen as usual. Over time, the mix or number of events and content may evolve, as it has over the years. Both Mind the Product and Pendo are product-led organisations, so we’ll continue to listen to the community so that we can iterate and evolve in a way that enhances the value you get from Mind the Product.

  • Will Mind the Product remain editorially independent? keyboard_arrow_right

    We’ll maintain our own editorial team and are committed to providing you with the same trustworthy, objective perspectives you’ve come to expect from us. Imogen Schels still leads our content (as she has for the past three years), and Emily Tate and Martin Eriksson lead on curation for our conferences.

  • Will content and training remain neutral? keyboard_arrow_right

    Mind the Product will continue to curate its own content and training materials. Pendo recognises the value in product management training that is not vendor-specific, and, in fact, has its own product training for Pendo users. Mind the Product won’t alter the curriculum to specifically promote any vendor, including Pendo—it will remain focused on methodology agnostic and vendor-neutral best practices and building a product manager’s toolkit. 

  • Pendo has ProductCraft—how will that fit with Mind the Product? keyboard_arrow_right

    Many of you know that Pendo publishes its own content on ProductCraft. ProductCraft serves articles, podcasts, and video interviews focused on product management, innovation, design, and growth. In the future, we expect ProductCraft to merge into Mind the Product. It’s still TBD when that will happen.

  • Will the Mind the Product team remain? keyboard_arrow_right

    Everyone on the Mind the Product team is staying on, led by our Managing Director Emily Tate. A big draw for Pendo is the talent and passion of the Mind the Product team—and the team is excited to have a new home with even more support and opportunity to invest in our mission. As for the founders, Martin Eriksson will remain an advisor to Mind the Product, providing the same curatorial oversight he has offered for the last twelve years. James Mayes will move to an evangelist role for Pendo, and Janna Bastow and Simon Cast will step down from their non-executive board roles.

  • Will I start receiving marketing emails from Pendo? keyboard_arrow_right

    As of February 1, 2022, Mind the Product is part of Pendo and the organization operates with one data set to ensure customers, partners and community members are all provided with the ideal experience. We are being thoughtful about how we maintain the independence of Mind the Product and Pendo and are approaching commercial email marketing programs with similar consideration. Pendo does not currently plan to add Mind the Product members to its commercial email marketing programs.

  • How will Pendo show up across Mind the Product’s community and offerings? keyboard_arrow_right

    Pendo’s direct involvement in Mind the Product’s community and offerings will be aligned with conventional types of partnerships—co-branded content, joint research, event sponsorships or similar. As always, we will always be transparent with our customers. But for the most part, Mind the Product will operate independently from Pendo.