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February 6 - 7, 2020

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MTP Engage Manchester 2020

On February 6-7, over 500 passionate product people came together in Manchester to discover ideas, strategies and techniques (and to share their own!) all with one goal in mind – to become better at building products people love.

Our workshops covered a range of skills including confident public speaking, product management foundations and communication and alignment to name a few. While on conference day, some of the world’s best product people took to the stage, wowing us with talks on jobs to be done to taking the next step in your product career to product leadership.

But that’s not all. We had 15 incredible session speakers who covered plenty of hot topics too – creating of cognitively diverse teams, influential leadership, writing OKRs that don’t suck – you name, it, they covered it.

If you were there with us, we hope you left feeling inspired, with a brain buzzing full of ideas. 

We will be adding the re-cap video, photos taken from the workshops and conference day, and write-ups here as soon as we get them. Stay tuned!

The Talks

Talk videos will be released each Friday, as follows.


Session Speakers:

  • Creating cognitively diverse teams by Rakhi Rajani
  • The GIST Framework by Itamar Gilad
  • Decision Supervision by Lucy Spence
  • In My Humble Opinion by Thor Mitchell
  • Your Product Leadership Scorecard by Ross Webb
  • Building a product team – iteratively by Rachel Shah
  • How to write OKRs that don’t suck by Adrian Howard
  • How to disappoint people by Neil Vass
  • Product lessons from two years at Monzo by Richard Cadman
  • A team is not a bonsai tree by Salma Alam-Naylor
  • Why we chose to fight SAFe and how we lost by Stephen Culligan
  • Influential leadership builds winning products byOluwatobi Otokiti
  • The Dreaded ‘R’s: Refactor, Re-write, Re-build by Sally Brogan
  • Experience is overrated by Stewart Livingstone
  • Iterating your Voice product by Lisa Vigar


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