#mtpengage Hamburg

28-30 June, 2023

The Team

Curation & Organization
MTP Engage Hamburg is jointly organized by Petra Wille and Arne Kittler since 2017. The two of them had dreamt of “doing some project together” for many years before that and now found it. They share passion for nicely curated ways of bringing people together. This is why the title MTP Engage (proposed by Mind the Product’s CEO James Mayes) immediately resonated with them and triggered them to keep considering new ways of helping the regional product people get together.


MTP Engage Hamburg 2021

Petra Wille
Petra started her career as a software developer back in 2004 in one of Germany’s large publishing houses (Hubert Burda Media) and quickly realized that she has a talent for the conceptual part of the job. During her stops at SAP and the business network XING she learned the things a full-fledged Productmanager needs to know. In 2011 she stepped up to first become head of product, later Managing Director of the translation startup tolingo. The “hockey stick through digitalization thing” didn´t take off as planned and Petra decided to take the change to start her own business. She`s a product management consultant and coach since 2013, working with companies and organizations all over Europe and she is the creator of “52 questions” a deck of self-coaching cards for product people.

Arne Kittler
Arne started his career at digital creative agency Fork Unstable Media and spent formative 10 years working for for global brands & retailers like NIVEA & OTTO. From 2011-2022 he worked in various product leadership roles at XING, the leading professional network in the German speaking markets, most recently as VP Product.
In March 2022 Arne joined Facelift as CPO to drive the company’s transition to product-led growth.
Arne is a strong believer that early alignment always pays off and escalation can be OK. He sees strong similarities between good product managers and good rock bassists (guess whose bass line features in the opening tune to The Product Experience… ;O).
Arne first got involved with Mind the Product when he started ProductTank Hamburg in 2013 with two friends.


MTP Engage Hamburg 2019