MTP Engage Leadership Forum

In addition to our conference, we're offering a half-day leadership event, on Wednesday, 22nd May. This is our first ever pre-conference event in Hamburg exclusively for product leaders and allows time before the conference to get together with your peers and talk about the unique challenges of product strategy, building and leading product teams, and all the other stuff that gets us excited. This event is for people who manage product managers, but are still focused on product management (Product Director, VP, CPO, or equivalent). The afternoon event is limited to just 40 invite-only attendees and with an array of keynotes and panels that means there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions, interact with the speakers, and network and share your own lessons with each other. If you haven’t been invited yet, but think we should invite you, please see here for details regarding admission.

The George - Hotel Hamburg: Conference Room

11.00am – Doors Open / Registration
12.00pm – Lunch
1.30pm – Introduction with Arne Kittler & Petra Wille
1.45pm - 3 Product Leadership Topics see below
6.00pm – Drinks Reception
7.30pm – Networking Dinners (organized by us, paid by you) or possibly another surprise.


Martin Eriksson

Martin Eriksson

Product Strategy & Product Principles (+ panel)

Speaker 1
C. Todd Lombardo

C. Todd Lombardo

Managing Product Portfolios (+ panel)

Speaker 2
speaker 2 + speaker 1
Petra Wille

Petra Wille

Developing Product Managers (+ panel)

Speaker 3
speaker 3 + speaker 2
speaker 3 + speaker 2 + speaker 1 + speaker 0