#mtpengage Hamburg

28-30 June, 2023


Where to stay

For 2022, your choice of hotels will depend on whether you will be only attending the conference (at Kampnagel, eastwards from Alster lake) or join us for our workshops or our Leadership Forum (at Katholische Akademie, in the city centre).

Here are some options near to Kampnagel:

Here are some options near to the Katholische Akademie:

Or, if you attend events at both venues, you could consider some options in between both:

Getting around

Getting around in Hamburg is easy. Public transport with our HVV is working well and is always an option. If you want to jump on a taxi, freenow is working pretty fine here! Or you could try Hamburg-based ridesharing startup MOIA with their electronic vans.

If you like to exercise a bit during your stay, you can register for Stadtrad Hamburg and use one of the shared bikes all over the city. Several E-Scooter options (TIER, LIME etc.) are available as well. 

As in most European cities bringing your own car is the least attractive option. Near Katholische Akademie (Leadership Event/Workshops), parking is difficult and expensive. At Kampnagel (Conference), there is a park house with limited capacity.

To get to the Katholische Akademie from the airport

Jump on the S-Bahn S1 and stay seated for approx. 20 Minutes until you arrive at “Stadthaus Brücke”. Exit the train and use the exit “Herrengraben”.

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Closest station for Katholische Akademie is Herrengraben, for Kampnagel it’s Borgweg.

mini map of the Hamburg Metro system
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Here’s a map of the closest bus stops around Kampnagel:

mini map of the Hamburg bus stations near Kampnagel
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