#mtpengage Hamburg

28-30 June, 2023

Call for Sessions

The fourth edition of MTP Engage will take place in Hamburg on 26th June 2020.
Like with previous editions, we want to have a combination of international keynotes (including Jeff Gothelf, Christina Wodtke) and sessions from product people in the region. And that’s where you come into play!

For these sessions we would like to see topics related to your everyday work, sessions in which you share your best practices or discuss challenges you are facing. If you have ideas for how to involve your listeners and make your session more interactive, that’s even better.

In terms of topics we are particularly interested in submissions for the following main themes:

  • Alignment – best practices on how you are achieving this (from product strategy to shared goals to….)
  • Decision making is hard – did you find your best practice? Tell us about it!
  • “Bring your whole self to work” – how do you make sure you stay sane and stay human in the busy product world?

Overall, you will have 30 minutes for your sessions: 20 Minutes for your talk and 10 Minutes for interaction & QnA with the audience. We believe that for this duration one speaker will be enough, so we will only accept solo presentations.

Please submit your proposal by January 15th 23rd 2020. (Deadline extended because of the holiday season)

We will be reviewing all applications in January to decide in February. This is the hardest part for us because the quality of submissions is usually very strong and we still have to decline 9 out of 10 submissions. Please also understand that we will not be able to give detailed feedback on every submission we decline.

To give you a sense for how we make our selection here are some aspects that matter to us:

  • We need to understand what you want to talk about and how you plan to approach the topic. We will then check how well this fits our overall program.
  • For the sessions we want people who share learnings that are deeply grounded in their very own experience. This also means that we are not looking for mini-keynotes on meta topics. We want really tangible stuff. Buzzwords make us suspicious
  • If German is your primary language we would prefer you to present in German – this makes it much easier for the majority of your audience to involve themselves in the QnA etc.
  • We explicitly try to bring new faces beyond the “usual suspects” on stage. But at the same time we need to be confident that you can present in front of ca 300 peers who have paid for their tickets. If you have videos that show how you gave a presentation this really helps, if you don’t have a video, please tell us why we should be confident putting you on stage.
  • If you have several topics in mind that you care about please submit those topics separately instead of trying to blend it all together. Our audience appreciates clear messages.

Selected speakers will be notified by end of February so that you have enough time to prepare.

We look forward to hearing from you

Here’s the form in German
Here’s the form in English