#mtpcon London+EMEA


21-22 Oct 2021, Online & In-person, Barbican Centre London

Our sponsors are product industry experts who help power our events and support our unique community of product teams and leaders.

Meet them online, in person (or both!) at #mtpcon London+EMEA to find out how they can help you as a product person.

Mind the Product


Spotlight Sessions

Some of our inspirational sponsors are also part of our sessions schedule, giving insightful talks about product practice, sharing inspirational ideas on the future of product development & design, as well as real practical advice you can put to work the next day. 

  • This Meeting Could Have Been an Email: Sanity-saving ways data can help keep cross-functional teams stay focused and aligned (with Agata Bugaj) – sponsored by FullStory
  • Product’s Role in Experimentation Culture (with Terry Lee) – sponsored by Flo Heath
  • The Modern Data Stack: Your ticket to product analytics expertise (with Ross Walker & Matt Smith) – sponsored by Mixpanel
  • Thinking Big, Working Small (with John Cutler) – sponsored by Amplitude

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This Meeting Could Have Been an Email

Sanity-saving ways data can help keep cross-functional teams stay focused and aligned

Sponsored by FullStory

Modern product managers are expected to be masters of communication, motivating their teams and coordinating a growing cast of stakeholders inside and outside of the organisation. Agile processes keep product, engineering, and UX working in lockstep, but what about the rest of the business? How can you ensure marketing, sales, support, and CX teams have the right level of visibility and stay aligned with your roadmap?

Join FullStory as we explore the power of Digital Experience Intelligence in creating – and strengthening – the connective tissue between different parts of your organisation.

About the speaker – Agata Bugaj
Agata BugajAgata is the VP of Product at FullStory, where she leads the Product Management, Design, and Analytics teams. Prior to joining FullStory, she led digital teams at The Home Depot, spent several years in consulting at Bain & Co, and started her career as a software engineer at IBM. She is passionate about data and research-backed decision making, aligning teams to scale, and building customer-centric products that create better experiences for end users.


Product’s Role in Experimentation Culture

Sponsored by Flo Health

Join Terry Lee, Senior Product Manager at Flo Health, as he explores how product managers and other product functions can provide a directional framework to steer and focus the input and output of an iterative experimentation based approach to product building.

About the speaker – Terry Lee
Flo Health Terry is a Senior Product Manager with many years of experience focused on acquisition, retention, and onboarding of customers to premium, subscription, or IAP products. Terry began his career working in the games industry where he learned about the importance of setting user expectations in onboarding and various methods to ensure users understand how the use products to solve their needs. Since those early days in free to play games, he has brought that knowledge and experience to various non-games related products in areas such as FinTech, Sports streaming and now in FemTech at Flo.


The Modern Data Stack

Your ticket to product analytics expertise

Sponsored by Mixpanel

The Mixpanel team breaks down the success requirements for product analytics, and how to work your way up to an expert level of maturity.

About the speaker – Ross Walker
MixpanelRoss is a Senior Solutions Consultant at Mixpanel, partnering with customers across sectors to design and implement analytics strategies that drive innovation. Prior to Mixpanel, Ross held a variety of technical roles where he gained a deep understanding of the modern product and marketing tech stack. Ross’s approach to aligning teams behind a shared understanding of the user experience has helped data-driven brands answer complex questions, build better products, and inspire customer loyalty.

About the speaker – Matt Smith
Matt took a degree in Psychology to try and work out why people behave how they behave, before realising that nobody has the answer to that question. With a passion for pushing companies to learn, grow, and succeed using all the data at their fingertips, Matt has over 5 years of experience in helping users exceed their targets and expand their customer base.


Thinking Big, Working Small

Sponsored by Amplitude

Join Product Evangelist, John Cutler, to explore how to balance long-term aspirations for lasting impact, and the benefits of working small.
What you’ll learn:

  • How do we think big — get strategic, consider long-term outcomes, and tackle big opportunities — while also working small and learning quickly?
  • We’ll cover the concept of managing a portfolio of bets — balancing shorter-term experiments with longer-term foundational efforts.
  • Agile focuses on “working small” with small, cross-functional teams, and rapid iteration. When thinking about outcomes, teams tend to gravitate to relatively short time-frames (e.g. quarters). We’re getting better at working small, but it could be argued that we’ve traded waterfalls for whirlpools.

About the speaker – John Cutler
John CutlerJohn Cutler is keenly focused on user experience and evidence-driven product development. He mixes and matches various methodologies to help teams deliver lasting outcomes for their customers and currently works as Product Evangelist & Coach at Amplitude.
As a former UX researcher at AppFolio, a product manager at Zendesk, Pendo.io, AdKeeper and RichFX, a startup founder, and a product team coach, John has a perspective that spans individual roles, domains, and products.
John blogs prolifically about collaboration, product development, diversity, UX research, lean startup, and user experience, and speaks and teaches worldwide.