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Sisense is an embedded analytics platform that accelerates product innovation by integrating data-driven insights into applications. Learn more.


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Ushering in a new era of embedded analytics

For decades, the value of data and the importance of robust analytics have shaped products and businesses. Today’s product teams fully grasp the potential of their data, and their success relies on their ability to monetize it at scale and speed, extract insights, and provide value for their customers.

Sisense is thrilled to unveil Compose SDK for Fusion, a new step in our continued mission to empower app builders to embed analytics everywhere. Read the full blog to find out more.

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Sisense is the leading embedded analytics platform. They accelerate product innovation by integrating data-driven insights into applications, and help product teams create cutting-edge solutions and seamless user experiences through pro-, no-, and low-code tools.


Established in Israel in 2004, Sisense currently has locations in New York, London, and Tel Aviv, and has served over 2000 customers.