#mtpcon London+EMEA 2022 video library

If you couldn’t join us at #mtpcon London+EMEA 2022 (October 13-14) or if you simply fancy rewatching one of the talks, dive in below!

Thursday keynotes

Tendayi Viki

Namrata Sarmah

Bibi Groot

Thursday sessions

Jens-Fabian Goetzmann

Lucy Spence

Nils Michaelis

Taylor-DeLynn Belchak

Tu Nguyen and Shannon Cassidy (sponsored by Split)

Esmeralda Martinez (sponsored by Indicative)

Friday keynotes

Martin Eriksson

Saielle DaSilva


Pippa Topp


Itamar Gilad

Manon Dave

Sharon Anne Kean

Rand Hindi

Friday sessions

Hannah Chaplin and Niamh Jones (sponsored by Pendo)


Panel discussion