#mtpcon London

COVID Guidelines

Spring 2025

The information below applies to our ‘Hybrid’ ticket holders who will be attending day two of #mtpcon London+EMEA (22nd October 2021) in person at the Barbican Centre in London. The safety of the #mtpcon community is our priority so please adhere to these guidelines.


When NOT to attend

You MUST NOT attend the event at the Barbican if:

  • You have Covid-19 symptoms
  • You are required to self-isolate (because you have tested positive for Covid-19, are told to by NHS Test and Trace or the NHS Covid-19 app, as a condition of entry to the UK, or someone you live with has tested positive or has symptoms)
  • You cannot adhere to the entrance requirements below

What happens if I take an NHS Lateral Flow Test and it’s positive?
If you take an NHS Lateral Flow Test before the event and the test result is positive, DO NOT come to the venue. If you still feel up to attending digitally, send a copy of your positive result to tickets@mindtheproduct.com and we’ll transfer you to the Digital-only event.


In-Person Entrance Requirements

If you hold a ‘Hybrid’ ticket, which includes access to our in-person event on Friday, 22nd October, then you’ll need to prove your COVID status to gain access to the event at the Barbican Centre in London. This can be done by showing either of the below:

  • An official full vaccine certificate, with the final dose administered by October 7th (a minimum of 14 days before the in-person event date of 22nd October)
  • A negative NHS Lateral Flow Test result, taken no earlier than 48 hours prior to attending the event (and prior to travel on the day of arrival at the event)

Please note: We can only verify vaccination status if you have been vaccinated in the UK or EU. If you have been vaccinated elsewhere, you’ll need to show evidence of a negative NHS Lateral Flow Test.

What to bring with you to guarantee entry
Proof of Vaccination

The easiest way to prove your COVID vaccination status at the event venue is via the NHS COVID PASS. Your COVID PASS will show your COVID-19 vaccination details (for those vaccinated in the UK). It can be accessed:

  • Through the NHS App (vaccinated in England and Wales)
  • Through the NHS Scotland website (vaccinated in Scotland)
  • As a letter that can be requested by ringing 119 (England and Wales) or 0808 196 8565 (Scotland)

We’ll also be able to verify EU vaccinations by scanning the QR code on vaccine documentation from your nation.

On both accounts, to help with issues at registration, we highly recommend you download your documentation and store it on your device – or even better, print out a copy!

Please note: Even if you plan to use your vaccination record as your means to enter the event, as an extra safety precaution, we encourage all attendees to take a Covid test before the event (see details below), although you will not be required to show the results of this test to gain entry.

For further details including information for people visiting from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, or anyone outside of the UK, please visit www.gov.uk/guidance/nhs-covid-pass

Proof of Negative NHS Lateral Flow Test

You can also show your Covid status with a negative NHS Lateral Flow Test result. Lateral Flow Tests must be taken no earlier than 48 hours prior to attending the event (taken on or after 20th October) and prior to travel on the day of arrival at the event. The test result must be registered here prior to leaving for the event. We will NOT be testing at the venue. Once you have registered your result, attendees can show the following as proof:

You can order NHS Lateral Flow Tests online or pick them up from pharmacies and other testing sites. We recommend you order or pick up your tests as early as possible.

There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to these rules. Safety is our top priority at the event so anyone not able to comply with these requirements will be asked to leave.
We recognise that personal situations differ, therefore, if you are unable to follow these guidelines or you have a medical exemption, please feel free to contact us at team@mindtheproduct.com. We’re happy to listen to your concerns.

Attending from abroad?

If you are entering the UK from another country to attend any of the events then please make sure you have fulfilled any travel requirements based on the current guidelines. If you have been vaccinated in the UK or the EU, please follow the entry process outlined above. Please note: We can only verify vaccination status using if you have been vaccinated in the UK or the EU. If you have been vaccinated elsewhere, you’ll need to show evidence of a negative NHS Lateral Flow Test.


Safety Measures

We have a number of extra safety measures in place at the Barbican this year.

There will be hand sanitiser available around the venue at various points, quiet areas for a break from the bustle of the conference, and we have drastically scaled back the number of attendees that we can welcome to the Barbican to ensure there will be enough space to keep some distance. We’ll also be trialling a coloured lanyard system – on the day, you’ll be able to choose from two different coloured lanyards to communicate your comfort level to our team and your fellow attendees.

While we are taking every precaution to make the in-person portion of #mtpcon as safe as possible, we believe that wearing a mask is currently something that individuals should decide for themselves. As mentioned, we will ensure there is ample space at the venue to keep a safe distance, however, we do recommend that attendees wear masks in smaller spaces (e.g. bathrooms, corridors, when in line for food, drinks, coat check etc) where distancing might be more difficult. Although masks are not mandatory, we trust that all of our attendees will act responsibly and be respectful of others at the conference – please keep in mind that there will be different levels of comfort for those in attendance.

In line with our Code of Conduct, anyone seen to be disregarding the wishes of others will be asked to leave.

For more information about safety measures and entrance requirements, please see our FAQs.


Please note: Due to changing circumstances because of government regulations and venue restrictions, the event, these guidelines, and our entry requirements are subject to change. We will communicate all high-impact changes directly with our ticket holders but please refer back to this page for this most up-to-date information.