#mtpcon Digital

#mtpcon Digital Autmmn Recap

Back in 2021!

On November 18th and 19th, product people from around the world joined us for our autumn edition of #mtpcon Digital. We welcomed incredible speakers to our stage and joined even more in our breakout sessions to discuss a wide range of hot product topics. And there was plenty of networking and discussion in between.

The Highlights

The Keynotes

As a Mind the Product member you can now watch ALL of the keynote talks again! Simply use the links below. Alternatively, you’ll find a dedicated post ‘Watch the #mtpcon Keynotes’ on your dashboard (published Friday 20th November). As an #mtpcon Digital attendee, you’ll have received an email with instructions on how to access your membership dashboard. You can also learn more about this here. Not yet member and want to sign up? Join today!

Watch the keynotes and read the writeups:

We’ll also publish recordings of our 12 interactive breakout sessions over the coming weeks. You’ll find these linked here on your dashboard once they’ve been released:

  • Shaun Russell: How Successful Product People Develop
  • [Panel] OKRs in the Wild: Available to watch now in How Real Product Teams Make OKRs work: Extended Report
  • Julian Thompson: Beyond Inclusive Design (2 December)
  • Roman Pichler: Structuring and Scaling Product Teams (9 December)
  • Susana Videira Lopes: Minimum Viable Product Manager (17 December)
  • Job van der Voort: Building Products Asynchronously With a Distributed Team (30 December)
  • Amy Zima: How to Create a Product Strategy (6 January)
  • Ibrahim Bashir: Bootstrapping a Product Team (13 January)
  • Georgie Smallwood: Product Tetris – The Ultimate Game of Leadership (20 January)
  • Cheryl PlatzCapturing Customer Context for Cross-Channel Experiences (27 January)
  • Sara Wood: Embracing Change as a Career Advantage (12 February)
  • Adrian Howard: Communicating Research with Pace Layer Mapping (24 February)

The Doodles!

We always love the fantastic conference sketch notes, created for us by Julia Steiner (check out all of Julia’s 2020 #mtpcon sketch notes here) and were inspired to see what our attendees could put to paper too! We set a doodle challenge and here you can see our winning sketches by Robiert Luque and Inês Liberato.

Robiert Luque's marty Cagain mtpcon sketch
Robiert Luque created this sketch of Marty Cagan’s Product leadership keynote (Image: @robiert_luque)


Ines Liberato mtpcon doodle
Inês Liberato shared her sketch of Georgie Smallwood’s session -Product leadership as Tetris! (Image: @InezLiberato)

Missed #mtpcon in the summer?

You can check out the Summer conference keynotes and sessions too.