#mtpcon Digital

Digital but Different

July 13/14/15

As digital events become our new (temporary?) norm we’re working hard to bring you the best digital alternative to our much-loved, in-person conferences.

Of course, we know we can’t replace #mtpcon (nor would we want to!) but, for now, we’ve got something a little different in-store. We’ve kept all of the great stuff we’re known for but have really thought about what will make for a good digital event, and we think you’re going to like it!

Things that will be different:

  • The Schedule 🕐: Instead of asking you to commit to a full day of digital learning (which we know can be a struggle), we’ve spread the event across three half days (4-5 hours each day depending on how keen you are!). Fit it in around the challenges of your current work-from-home life or office distractions!
  • The Timings 🌍: The joy of digital events is that they allow a much more diverse gathering of the community. We’ve scheduled #mtpcon Digital in a way that works across multiple time zones – afternoon for Europe and morning for the US. It’s going to be a truly global event!
  • The Variety 📅: To stop you going numb from “Virtual Fatigue” (it’s a thing!), we’ve created special breakout sessions – a varied schedule of activities to keep you bright-eyed and engaged. As well as our invaluable keynotes and speaker Q&As, you can join roundtable discussions, speed networking sessions, inspiration sessions, a mini-workshop – you can even join us for a relaxing coffee or beer (*BYO – we’ve not figured out how to make that bit digital yet). Learn more about our breakout session activities

Things that will remain the same:

  • Quality Curation 🎙: There’s no bigger event dedicated to product out there. Not only is our crowd the biggest, but we draw the greatest names in product too. We’re not just filling virtual rooms with anyone and anything, as always, there’s method to our madness! And booking top quality speakers is our baseline.
  • Single-Track Magic 🔁: One of the best things about #mtpcon Digital is that it still offers a single-track keynote experience. So, no matter who you end up chatting to in the networking sessions or chat rooms, you’ll have some of the same interesting things to talk about.
  • Opportunities to Connect 🤝: Getting together with your industry peers shouldn’t just be inspiring and educational, it should be fun too. As with our in-person events, we’ve made sure there are plenty of chances to connect with your fellow product peers. We’ll ensure the conversations keep flowing and help you to build great connections with your product community.
  • The Community 🤗: Mind the Product isn’t just an event, it’s a content platform and community with chapters in 200+ cities, all dedicated to the art of product. We want product people around the world to come and connect with us and each other, so that we can all become the best in our field and move our discipline forward.

Who is this event for?

Put simply, #mtpcon Digital is perfect for anyone with a passion for product – got a burning desire to learn, share, and build great products? Then it’s perfect for you!

But wait, there’s more!

As part of your #mtpcon Digital ticket purchase, you’ll be given annual Mind the Product Prioritised membership (worth $250). This gives you access to our premium editorial (including recordings of all #mtpcon Digital talks), even more interaction with product experts, and the opportunity to connect with peers tackling similar challenges to you – 365 days of the year! Read more about Prioritised membership. (Already a Prioritised or MTP Leader member? Check your membership dashboard for your exclusive #mtpcon digital 2020 offer).

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The Breakouts Explained

Between keynotes, you can choose from a selection of breakout activities:

Expert-Led Sessions

Take your pick from our interactive expert-led sessions, all of which are designed to be super engaging – choose from mini-workshops, talks, and more, run by over a dozen product experts. Topics include OKRs for Product Teams, Lean Product Development, Decision Fitness, Roadmapping, and many more. Read more about our speakers and trainers, and browse session topics

Speed Networking

Hop on a remote speed networking session during the break to connect with some new product people. Discuss the keynotes and any breakout sessions you’ve watched, share your stories, help each other with problems – it’s up to you! Our in-person version of these sessions have been a big hit so far, and we think you’ll love this virtual format too. Sessions last 8 minutes each and you can attend as many as you can squeeze in. No sign-up required, just enter the Networking tab on the event platform during the event.


Our virtual roundtables give you the opportunity to take part in a themed discussion with fellow #mtpcon Digital attendees on various product topics, enabling you to network, learn, and benefit from the shared knowledge and experience of the group. Each breakout session we’ll have a number of roundtables you can jump in on, each focused on unique challenges like roadmaps, prioritisation, stakeholder management, B2B, B2C, pricing, and more! No need to sign up – just join the topic most interesting to you!

Social Hours

Whether it’s to ease you into the day or to help you relax once we’re done, our social hours are there to help keep the conversation going, connect with your product peers, and have some fun! Just turn up armed with refreshments of your choice and pick from a selection of fun activities on the day. There’ll be something for everyone! Choose from:

  • 🧘‍♀️ Desk Yoga Class – join product manager, friend of Mind the Product, and trained yoga instructor, Iris van de Kieft for remote yoga classes, helping you find “balance in the digital age”. You can expect some simple movements, breathing exercises, and a brief meditation (BYO body and a place to sit your body down – nothing else needed!)
  • ❔ The Pub Quiz – everyone loves a good pub quiz! Need we say more? (BYO beer/wine/cocktail/soft drink!)
  • ☕ Coffee Nerd Session – nerd out about flat whites, macchiatos, and more. Hosted by our Co-Founder, Martin Eriksson (BYO fave blend!)
  • 🤠 Bad Advice Salon – got a product problem? Get bad advice from The Product Experience podcast hosts Lily & Randy. They may even throw in some good advice too! (BYO problem!)
  • 🐕 “Product Pets” Show & Tell – it does what it says on the tin. We love animals, so drop into this session to introduce your furry friend to your fellow attendees. We can guarantee there’ll be a lot of “awwww”s. Hosted by our Director of Content, Imogen Johnson (BYO pet!)
  • 🍸 Cocktail Making Class – ever wondered what cocktails the Mind the Product team drink? Find out in our cocktail making classes, including the infamous “Cyan Margarita” from Martin Eriksson (BYO cocktails! – depending on your local time 😉)
  • And more…

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