#mtpcon Digital Americas


14-15 July

General FAQs  |  Ticket Holder FAQs

General FAQs


When is #mtpcon Digital Americas happening?

This event will take place on July 14th and 15th. See below for timings:

  • PDT 7.30am-1.30pm
  • EDT/GMT-4 10.30am-4.30pm
  • CDT 9.30am-3.30pm
  • GMT-3 11.30am-5.30
  • BST 3.30pm-9.30pm
  • CEST 4.30pm-10.30pm
I’m already a member, how does ticketing work for me?

If you’re already an annual Prioritised or MTP Leader member then check the Upcoming Events area in your member dashboard for your exclusive #mtpcon Digital offers. If you’re a monthly member and want to upgrade to annual billing, just email us at membership@mindtheproduct.com and we’ll get you sorted.

Can I get an event ticket without membership?

All #mtpcon Digital tickets come with an annual Mind the Product membership. This gives you access to premium editorial (including recordings of all #mtpcon Digital talks), even more interaction with product experts, and the opportunity to connect with peers tackling similar challenges to you – 365 days of the year.

Who is speaking at the conference?

We’ve got an impressive line-up of world-renowned product experts lined up for #mtpcon Digital – you can see some of our speakers here. 

Will you release the topics that will be presented before the conference?

Yes. All session titles will be announced before the conference – watch this space!

What tech setup will I need to take part in the event?

Our event platform means you don’t need to download anything, everything will be in your browser. That does mean that we strongly recommend you use the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox – sadly Microsoft Edge and Safari don’t support the latest innovations in WebRTC that enable us to keep everything in the browser. You may also experience connection issues if you are connecting to our event platform using a VPN.

Has this event replaced #mtpcon San Francisco 2021?

Due to the continued global restrictions, we have pivoted our in-person conference, #mtpcon San Francisco, online and are delighted to confirm the dates of #mtpcon Digital Americas as 14th and 15th July 2021. We’re also including one year of Mind the Product membership with every conference ticket so you can continue your product learning 356 days a year.

Do you offer discounts for students, startups, non-profits, etc?

We do not provide any discounts. We receive a high number of requests for discounts from charities, non-profits, students, start-ups and small businesses. As a small business ourselves, we simply cannot accommodate all requests and we do not feel it is our place to judge who should benefit. We have priced #mtpcon Digital lower than our in-person conferences to reflect the alternative model but feel the value is accurately represented in the price.

Can I pay by invoice?

As we are a small team we only offer payment by invoice if you are buying 5 tickets or more due to the additional overhead. Please also note that no tickets are held/issued until payment of the invoice has been received. Request to pay by invoice by emailing tickets@mindtheproduct.com.

Please note:

  • Tickets are not held until payment has been made – there are no exceptions to this.
  • We cannot agree to any terms and conditions associated with Purchase Order numbers or other supplier agreements.
  • We do not fill in supplier detail forms for ticket invoices – if you cannot find the details you require on our website, please email tickets@mindtheproduct.com


Ticket Holder FAQs


How will I receive my ticket/event access instructions?

We will start to email event access instructions to ticket holders the week before the conference.

When do I get access to my membership?

We’ll send all ticket holders an email invite with an access code and instructions on how to sign up shortly after you’ve purchased your ticket. If you’ve not received this within 24 hours then please let us know. Once you’ve activated your membership, you’ll have access to all #mtpcon Digital talk videos and write-ups when they are ready, as well as all other membership perks.

What tech setup will I need to take part in the event?

If you’ve not received your link by this date/time then please email us at tickets@mindtheproduct.com for assistance (please check your spam folder first

How do I use Hopin?

Hopin is easy to use and we hope you’ll have no trouble finding your way around the different areas, but sometimes, seeing is believing! So, for anyone who’d like to take a quick tour, check out our step-by-step walkthrough video.

Can I listen to what’s happening on the Keynote Stage and go into the Expo Hall at the same time?
Sure, multitask away! Just open two tabs, one with the Keynote Stage and one with the Expo Hall.

Where can I see the schedule?

  • Before the event: The best place to see the event schedule before the event is on our website.
  • During the event: The best place to see the event schedule during the event is on the Reception page in Hopin. We’ll also use the Reception area to tell you what’s currently live.

What does it mean if there’s nothing happening on the Keynote Stage?
Only our keynote talks and Q&As take place on the Keynote Stage. When there’s nothing on the Keynote Stage there will be plenty happening elsewhere. To check when the next keynote talk will start, go to the schedule on the Reception page.

Is the event content recorded?

Yes! All of our keynotes and breakout sessions will be recorded and shared with Prioritised and MTP Leader members after the event (membership is included with all #mtpcon Digital event tickets). As a Mind the Product member you can access all of the keynote and session videos in our #mtpcon Video Library from Friday 16th July.

Please note: Roundtable discussions, speed networking sessions, and socials are not recorded.

Can I change the name or other details on my tickets?

Yes, but only the person who purchased the tickets can make these changes on Eventbrite. You are free to change your ticket details up to two days before the event, including name, title, etc. Please make sure these details are correct as they will be what we show on your online event profile! Just login to Eventbrite and make the changes, following these instructions. If you can’t reach the person who purchased the ticket in order to get them to change the information please contact us at tickets@mindtheproduct.com and we will help you make the updates.

Can I get a refund?

We offer a full refund up to one month before the event. Simply log in to Eventbrite and request the refund following these instructions. As with changes, only the person who purchased the tickets can request a refund.

For more information see our full event FAQ, our privacy policy, our Terms & Conditions, and our Code of Conduct.