#mtpcon SF+Americas video library

If you couldn’t join us at #mtpcon SF+Americas 2022 or if you simply fancy rewatching one of the talks, dive in below!

Tuesday keynotes

Cynthia Yeung

Farai Madzima

Scott Williamson

Tuesday sessions

Partho Ghosh

Phyllis Njoroge

Shyvee Shi

Preston Smalley

Chase Disher and MaryAlexa Divver

Cameron Savage (sponsored by LaunchDarkly)

Wednesday keynotes

Oji Udezue

Ben Newell

Jen Dante

Dan Olsen

Jeff Birkeland

Martina Lauchengco

Wednesday sessions

Tu Nguyen and Danielle Glass (sponsored by Split)

Christine Itwaru and Rick Kadlac (sponsored by Pendo)