#mtpcon Digital Americas video library

If you couldn’t join us at #mtpcon Digital Americas (July 14-15) or if you simply fancy rewatching one of the talks, dive in below!

The keynotes

We saw six engaging keynotes covering EQ, scaling product teams, bouncing back from burnout, and more.


Nikkia Reveillac

Claire Vo

Bruce McCarthy

Lenny Rachitsky

Dave Dame

Sara Wachter-Boettcher

The sessions

In our interactive, expert-led sessions our speakers covered a range of important topics from AI, alignment, and product strategy to product metrics, roadmaps, pivoting, and more.


Ben Foster

Audrey Crane

Cris Valerio

Samihah Azim

David Dylan Thomas

Gijo Mathew

Peter Yang

Cinthia Assali

Nacho Bassino

Jen Taylor

Julia Shalet

Agata Bugaj

Sponsored by Fullstory

Anthony Rindone

Sponsored by Split

Christine Itwaru and Stephanie Tanzar

Sponsored by Pendo

Karishma Irani

Sponsored by LaunchDarkly

Past #mtpcon videos

If you missed a talk from a previous #mtpcon, these quick links will help you to take a look back:

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