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Mindset – Mapping, Visualisation, and Mental Models with Eli Montgomery and Rosemary King


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In the latest episode, Rosemary King, our Director of Training Products welcomes Eli Montgomery to Mindset. Eli is currently Head of User Experience at Cazoo, a platform transforming the way people buy used cars. He is also a Mind the Product trainer, teaching our one-day workshops.

Rosemary and Eli discuss mapping, visualisation, and mental models and draw from their own experiences and expertise to answer questions from the Mind the Product community. They also discuss our latest workshop – Mapping for Product Managers. Find more information about these workshops and where we are running them.

Show Notes

7:12 | How can I define MVP for a late-mover product in enterprise segment?

17:37 | Which companies have effectively scaled their product organisations with multiple levels of product managers (POs, PMs, Directors etc)?

26:34 | What is the best way to conduct a competitive analysis?

34:15 | Are there strategic frameworks to help come up with a roadmap for the quarter? How should we prioritise them internally?


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About Mindset

Mindset is a Mind the Product series featuring expert product thinkers. Speaking with Rosemary King, they give helpful answers to product practice questions collected from our training workshop attendees and the greater Mind the Product community. Discover more episodes!

Eli Montgomery and Rosemary King
Rosemary King sat down with Eli Montgomery, Head of User Experience at Cazoo