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Save $189 by going annual!


How you'll benefit as a Mind the Product member

As the world’s largest professional network for product people, we’re using our connections and your feedback to take our community to the next level. Through our brand new Mind the Product Membership, we’ll be delivering new ways for you to level up your career, build better products, and lead successful product teams.


🌍 Explore global, national and local perspectives

Mind the Product is the only network with more than 200 local meetups, connected within one global community. Through this network we have unique access to the insights, ideas and expertise of product people in every corner of the world – we want to share this with you.


📖 Access editorial you can trust, learn from and enjoy

Quality editorial, featuring exclusive input from top product experts takes time, effort and skill. Our editorial team has decades of experience in print and digital journalism, while our curators include industry luminaries with hundreds of years of product experience between them – we’ll create the content that matters to you.


🤓 Join an unrivalled network of product experts

After a decade of delivering conferences, meetups, and content we have an unparalleled network of product experts. From top industry leaders and best-selling authors to an unrivalled community of practitioners – our experts are your experts.


🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Sit back and relax – we’ll prioritise you

Like you, we’re product people and we’re passionate about our craft. We’re on a mission to help everyone in our global community to build awesome products people love – everyone includes you.




Save $189 by going annual!


Got questions? We thought you’d never ask!

Why membership and why now?

Historically, we’ve been able to provide a lot of great content for free as it’s been supported by our community, conferences, sponsors, and in-person training. As you can imagine, with 1.5 billion people under lockdown worldwide, that’s a very difficult business to be in right now.


So, as good product managers we’ve reprioritised our backlog, shifting focus to our membership model. We will continue to provide free content, but will also be diving deeper into topics that help us all to improve our craft, a process that takes time and effort. As product people, we want to tie that effort directly to the value we create for you and your career through a membership program that puts you at the centre of what we create.



As a current member of the free Leadership Program, what benefits will I continue to get if I don’t become a new MTP Leader?

Our existing Leadership Program is in the process of being retired. The benefits of this free-program, along with many more new features, will feature in our new Leader membership for paying members. This includes access to leadership events.




Save $189 by going annual!


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