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Hone your craft with access to the guest-authored blog posts and ProductTank videos you already know and love, PLUS:

  • Attend local ProductTank meetups in over 200 cities
  • Public Slack community


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Level up your career with premium editorial, access to product experts, and by connecting with peers tackling similar challenges. You get all the Insider benefits, PLUS:

  • Our weekly curated newsletter
  • Premium deep-dive content
  • Online AMAs with product experts
  • Instant video library access
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  • Virtual roundtable discussions
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Level up your leadership with premium content, experts, and connections focused on the unique challenges of product leadership. You get all the Insider and Prioritised benefits, PLUS:

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  • AMAs with leadership experts
  • Access to quarterly meetups and pre-conference leadership forums
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  • Get matched to peers for in-depth, ongoing conversations
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How you'll benefit as a Mind the Product member

As the world's largest professional network for product people, we're using our connections and your feedback to take our community to the next level. Through our brand new Mind the Product Membership, we'll be delivering new ways for you to level up your career, build better products, and lead successful product teams.


🌍 Explore global, national, and local perspectives

Mind the Product is the only network with more than 200 local meetups, connected within one global community. Through this network we have unique access to the insights, ideas and expertise of product people in every corner of the world - we want to share this with you.


🤓 Join an unrivalled network of product experts

After a decade of delivering conferences, meetups, and content we have an unparalleled network of product experts. From top industry leaders and best-selling authors to an unrivalled community of practitioners - our experts are your experts.


📖 Access editorial you can trust, learn from, and enjoy

Quality editorial, featuring exclusive input from top product experts takes time, effort and skill. Our editorial team has decades of experience in print and digital journalism, while our curators include industry luminaries with hundreds of years of product experience between them - we'll create the content that matters to you.


🧑 ‍ 🤝 ‍ 🧑 By product people, for product people

Like you, we're product people and we're passionate about our craft. We're on a mission to help everyone in our global community to build awesome products people love - and everyone includes you.



  • Membership Explained keyboard_arrow_right

    Why should I become a member?

    Glad you asked! As the world's largest professional network for product people, we're using our connections and your feedback to take our community to the next level. Through our membership, we'll be delivering new ways for you to level up your career, build better products, and lead successful product teams. To understand why we're introducing membership and how you can benefit from it, read our blog post Introducing Mind the Product Membership.


    Why are you charging for membership?

    Historically, we've been able to provide a lot of great content for free as it's been supported by our community, and paid for by our conferences, sponsors, and in-person training. But we've always wanted to be able to dive even deeper into topics that help us to improve our craft, a process that takes time and effort. As product people, we want to tie that effort directly to the value we create for you and your career through a membership program that puts you at the centre of what we create.


    Do I have to have a membership to contribute content?

    You do not need to be a member to contribute content to Mind the Product. We welcome contributions from everyone in the product community!


    If I contribute content as a guest author, will it be for everyone or only members?

    If you are a guest author we want to ensure that your content is available to everyone in our community. For that reason, it will be published on the blog for all to see! You can find updated information about contributing content to Mind the Product on our Write for Us! page.


    Why do I need to apply for Leader membership and what does application entail?

    Our MTP Leader membership is exclusively for product leaders (Directors, VPs, CPOs or higher). By asking you to apply, we can ensure that we can connect you with your leadership peers, facilitate appropriate AMAs for your level and experience, and provide the leadership-focused content that's right for you.


    Application is straightforward. When you click 'Apply’, you will be asked to provide some details about your current role and experience in a quick questionnaire. We'll aim to respond to all applications within a few days. If you're successful you'll receive an email with further details and a link to the checkout so that you can complete your purchase.


    If you're already a member of our existing Product's Leadership Program you will not need to apply for MTP Leader membership. Just check your inbox for your invite email. Can't see it? Drop us a line at


    Please note: our existing Leadership Program is in the process of being retired. The benefits of this free program, along with many more new ones, will feature in our new MTP Leader membership for paying members.


    I subscribe to your Prioritised newsletter, will I stop getting it if I don't become a member?

    Yes, but not immediately. Our Prioritised newsletter is now a Prioritised membership feature. It will be available for existing subscribers until May 22nd. After this date, you will need to be a Prioritised member to receive it.


    How do I join the AMAs?

    AMAs (Ask Me Anything) sessions will be held remotely via videoconference. We will send full instructions and links to the sessions to members closer to the date of the event.


    How do the roundtables work?

    We will be experimenting with different formats for our private, virtual roundtable discussions in the coming months, but the main goal is to bring product people from around the world together to meet new people and learn from each other. Details will be provided to members as we finalise the date for the first event.


    How do articles available only to paying members differ to content that's available to casual browsers?

    Articles and content that are now available only to paying members include:

    • Content created by our in-house editorial team, exclusively for members
    • Content created in collaboration with or by our trusted experts, exclusively for our members
    • Commissioned content that has been created by external writers and experts for a fee


    What type of additional content do members get?

    Content that is exclusively for paying members includes, but is not limited to:

    • Deep-dive articles featuring comment and insights from multiple experts, written and reviewed by our professional content team
    • Professionally edited case studies from real companies
    • Our new, annual, State of Product Management industry report
  • Fees & Payment Options keyboard_arrow_right

    What payment methods do you accept?

    To manage the complexity of local sales tax we resell our Membership through Paddle, who accept most card payments - Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, and UnionPay - as well as Apple Pay (on supported devices) and PayPal.


    Can I expense this?

    Many companies allow employees to expense professional associations and learning subscriptions as a part of their learning and development budget. We encourage you to check your company’s policies to see if a Mind the Product membership would qualify for reimbursement. As a fantastic tool to level up your product management practice, we, of course, think Mind the Product membership should be something your company supports you with, but it’s up to them! Once you complete your membership subscription you will receive a valid tax receipt you can use to file your expenses with.


    Do you offer concessionary pricing?

    Beyond our annual payment discount, we are not going to be offering any discounts on our membership. However, for a limited time you can take advantage of our launch offers.


    I don't want to purchase a membership, can I use Mind the Product for free?

    Absolutely. We will continue to provide free content to the community including:

    • Guest-authored blog posts
    • The Product Experience podcast
    • ProductTank events, videos, and write-ups
    • Product and UX job postings


    Are you a professional membership association / is this tax-deductible?

    In the UK - No. While we would qualify as a professional membership association under UK HMRC rules (and therefore be tax-deductible) in order to qualify we have to share the full list of members with HMRC, which we do not want to do, in order to safeguard your privacy and because it would only be relevant to a small percentage of our members.


    You may be able to deduct your membership fee from your taxes in other jurisdictions, but you should seek advice from a local tax specialist to make sure.

  • Managing Your Membership keyboard_arrow_right

    How do I renew my membership?

    Your membership will renew automatically to avoid interrupting your Mind the Product membership journey.


    Can I cancel?

    You can cancel your membership at any time by logging in to your account and going to Manage Membership in your profile dropdown.


    If you cancel within 48 hours of purchase we will give you a full refund. After that point, membership subscriptions are non-refundable. If you cancel before the end of your term you can still access your premium membership until the end of the current billing period.


    What if I have questions about my membership?

    If you have any questions about billing, payment methods, invoices, or tax receipts - please contact our reseller Paddle on


    If you any questions about Mind the Product and how our membership can make you more successful as a product person, please get in touch with our support team on