Digital Event Guide

How to find your way around the event

Finding your way around Hopin, our digital event platform, is nice and easy but, if you’ve not used it before, or simply want to better understand how each of the different event areas works, this guide will provide all the information you need.


Reception & Schedule

Here you’ll find some tips to help you make the most of your day, plus the schedule. Use the schedule to see what’s happening when and in what areas of the platform. For full session details before the event, visit the schedule on our website.


Create your own agenda

Once the event has started, you can also take advantage of Hopin’s ‘My Agenda’ feature. You can use this to view and manage your personal meetings throughout the event and to add any scheduled parts of the event you don’t want to miss to a personal calendar inside Hopin. 


There are two different ways to add event segments to your agenda in Hopin:

  1. Via the Schedule: Go to the Reception page of the event > find the schedule section > select a session > click Add to My Agenda (only visible once the event has started)
  2. Via your ‘My Agenda’ tab: Click on the My Agenda tab of the event , click on View event schedule which takes you straight into the event schedule on the Reception page < find the Schedule > select a session > click Add to My Agenda (only visible once the event has started)

To schedule a meeting with another attendee, click on the My Agenda tab of the event < click on ‘Schedule a meeting’ < fill out the details < click ‘Send invitation’.


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Keynote Stage

Keynote speaker at #mtpcon Digital


On the Keynote Stage is where you can watch our keynote speakers in action. Use the Keynote Stage chat window to talk to others in the audience, keep an eye out for polls and simply enjoy the talk (please note: to see the results of any keynote polls, you need to get involved – answer the question and all will be revealed!).


Asking Questions

We have a lot of attendees joining us and want to ensure that any questions you have for our keynote speakers don’t get lost. You can ask your question in the Slido tab (next to the Chat and Polls tabs). There will be time for Q&A at the end of every Keynote talk.


If, while watching the Keynote Stage, the video isn’t loading, hit refresh and it should be back in a flash. We also advise that you use Chrome and close Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc. This will ensure you have the best possible experience.


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Breakout Sessions

Between the keynotes, head to the Breakout Sessions area and you’ll find plenty to do. Here you’ll discover even more amazing speakers and roundtable sessions to get stuck into. Once there, browse the options – you’ll see what Breakout Sessions are currently happening or coming up soon. For full session details before the event, visit the schedule on our website.


If, while in a Breakout Session, the video isn’t loading, hit refresh and it should be back in a flash. We also advise that you use Chrome and close Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc. This will ensure you have the best possible experience.


To see the results of any Breakout Session polls, you need to get involved! Answer the question and you shall see the results.


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Visit our Virtual Expo area to meet our exhibitors. They’re all industry experts and will be available to chat with you throughout the event. Simply browse the Expo cards at your leisure to find out more. Inside each booth you can talk to their friendly teams (yes, real humans!), explore digital content, or join a demo.

To find out about an exhibitor and grab their event offer, click into their booth and head to the “Booth” tab on the right.


To join the conversation you have two options:

  • To interact via the live booth Chat, click ‘Chat’ – just remember to toggle it to ‘Booth’
  • If you’d like a more in-depth conversation with an exhibitor, or to see a demo, video calling is easy – just ask via the chat

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Event Support

To have the best experience at one of our digital events, use the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox and check your ad blockers are off. We strongly recommend against using other browsers and VPN connections to avoid issues.

If you do experience audio/video problems, hit refresh. If the problem persists, please check our Troubleshooting Guide for further guidance.


You can also reach out to a member of the Mind the Product team for support within the event platform – Hopin. You’ll know it’s us because it will say ‘organiser’ next to our name. Find us by searching for ‘Mind the Product’ in the ‘People’ section of the chat window.


Networking at a digital event


At our digital events we’re excited to be bringing together the product community to learn from each other, support one another, and ultimately to help move our craft forward, together.


Getting together with your industry peers shouldn’t just be inspiring and educational, it should be fun too! There will be plenty of chances to connect with your fellow product peers during the event. We’ll ensure the conversations keep flowing and help you to build great connections with your product community.


Whether it’s all about work or you just fancy relaxing with a chat and a coffee, read on for more info on how you can connect and some top tips:

1:1 Speed Networking

You can hop on a remote speed networking session and connect with some new product people. You can discuss the keynotes and any breakout sessions you’ve watched, share your stories, and help each other with problems – it’s up to you! We’ve also got some handy icebreaker questions to get you started.


Sessions last 3 and a half minutes and you can attend as many as you can squeeze in. No sign-up required, just enter the Networking tab on the left-hand side of the platform during the event.


How it works

  1. Head to Speed Networking and click ‘Ready’ to be matched with another product person. Your session will last for 3 and a half minutes.
  2. When you’re matched, it will be with another attendee also looking to network at the same time. It will be completely random. You won’t be matched with the same person twice in one day.
  3. Click ‘Networking’ in the Chat area to see details on who the person you’ve matched with. This area also allows you to send direct messages in case there are useful resource links you’d like to share whilst you’re talking.
  4. If you want your connection to last longer, during the session click ‘Connect’ to swap virtual business cards. If the other person accepts your invitation, you’ll receive each other’s details (if you don’t click ‘Connect’, the other person won’t know until after the event).
  5. If you both click ‘Connect’ during your session, you’ll be able to find their details in your Hopin account after the match has ended. Click your Hopin account avatar in the top right of the screen, then ‘Account’, and then ‘Connections’ and you’ll be able to connect with your new friend via Twitter, LinkedIn, or email.
  6. After the session ends you can move onto the next product person and keep chatting!

Tips to make the most of Speed Networking

  • Fill in your profile – add as much detail to your profile as possible so you can easily connect after the event
  • Start with something fun use these icebreaker cards to help you get the conversation flowing
  • Smile – we know judging someone’s body language can be hard when connecting remotely but a smile works wonders!
  • Don’t be shy –  remember, you all have one big thing in common… product. That’s definitely enough to get you started!
  • Stay in touch – if you want to continue chatting to your connection, make sure you hit ‘Connect’ during the session and follow up with them after the conference is over
  • Have fun – honestly, what’s the worst that could happen?

Further Networking Tips

If you’re new to networking or want some general tips to help you make the most of the experience, check out our Guide To Networking – Online and In Person.


Engaging Event Chat

Our event platform (Hopin) allows us to keep the physical elements of our in-person event alive. In the Chat, you can talk openly to other attendees during the Keynote and Breakout sessions. If you fancy something a little more 1:1 – you can send personal messages and introduce yourself throughout the event in the People section, or even have a video call if you want to further build your connection!


How it works

To use chat:

  1. Type your message and press enter to send. Please note: while in the common areas of the event, all attendees will be able to see your message

To chat with someone privately:

  1. Click the ‘People’ tab on the right-hand side of your screen
  2. Search for people then click on the person you want to speak with to open a private chat with them

To video chat:

  1. If you want to have a video chat with one of the attendees, click ‘Invite to video call’

Top Tip: When in the Keynote Stage, a Breakout Session or the Expo you’ll see two chat options above the chat window. One for the area you’re in and one for the main event. Use the slider above the chat window to switch between the two.

Interactive Roundtables


Our virtual roundtables give you the opportunity to take part in a themed discussion with fellow attendees on various product topics, enabling you to network, learn, and benefit from the shared knowledge and experience of the group. We’ll have a number of roundtables you can jump in on, each focused on unique challenges like prioritisation, stakeholder management, and more!


How it works

No need to sign up – simply head to the ‘Sessions’ area, join a roundtable, and start discussing the topic! There will be a moderator on each roundtable facilitating and guiding the discussion.

Social sessions for all!

Cocktail hour at #mtpcon Digital


Whether it’s to ease you into the day or to help you relax once we’re done, our social sessions are there to help keep the conversation going, connect with your product peers, and have some fun!


There’ll be something for everyone and there will be plenty of opportunities to chat and catch up in these social sessions – and, perhaps most importantly, have fun!


How it works

Just turn up armed with refreshments of your choice, choose the activity you fancy from the ‘Sessions’ page, and join in – we’re all one big, friendly product community here!


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